NFTs Weekly News #76 - Ecosystem: Magic Eden offers RWAs

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šŸ—žļø News from last week

  • Magic Eden becomes one of the leading marketplaces offering RWAs, i.e. real-world assets put on the blockchain. The first launch, led by Solana's Collector company, is scheduled for October 18, consisting of 100 tokenized Pokemon cards sold as individual packs "hidden" during the mint process so they can be issued randomly. Each card is backed in its physical variant. Of these, there will also be some rare cards, and depending on their PSA rating (10 being the highest), their price could reach $1k-5k or more in traditional markets. It will be like the lottery šŸ€
pokemon cards
  • Immutable joins the Amazon Web Services Accelerate program to help developers launch and scale games on the blockchain more easily. The two companies are also working on a go-to-market strategy for games and studios, which will be available soon.
  • Indonesia will soon start trials for the application of blockchain technology in public services. Digital certificates in the property and education sectors are targeted here to combat fraud and help the government verify the authenticity of various certificates.
  • The Sandbox has partnered with Sandsoft Gaming, to expand web3 gaming in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. It aims to build a team of Web3 gaming experts and partner with local entities, brands and celebrities to promote gamified experiences.
  • Blur Season 2 ends on 20 November, which means a large number of Blur tokens will be released on the market. A new announcement is expected regarding an additional utility to reduce mass coin sales.

šŸ—½ Brands / Celebrities

  • Blockchain gaming is an unknown world worth exploring, and NFTs could play a big role in the future of video games. That's not us saying that, but a Sega executive. In addition, Sega is reportedly developing a trading card NFT game for Asia on Sangokushi Taisen.
  • The University of Glasgow has launched the Digital Museums Initiative in the Metaverse, with Ā£5.6M funding received from the UK Government's Innovation Accelerator Programme. The initiative aims to create an extended reality (XR) platform - a term that encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, through which virtual users and curators have virtual access to a wide range of museums, historic sites, objects and dynamic experiences.
  • Snowfro, founder of ArtBlocks and one of the pioneers of generative art NFTs, is bringing generative art to the physical world with the launch of the "0, Algorithmic [Embroider-able]" collection in collaboration with Red Bull Racing and ByBit as part of Velocity Pass.
  • After MoMA launched a digital postcard collection earlier this month, the museum recently acquired 2 digital artworks from artists Refik Anadol and Ian Cheng. Interestingly, Ian Cheng's work, 3FACE (2022), generates a visual story based on the owner's personality using blockchain-encrypted data related to the owner's wallet, and Anadol's generative work, Unsupervised - Machine Hallucinations - MoMA (2022), uses machine learning to reinterpret MoMA's art collection.
moma art collection
  • thirdweb has launched Connect Wallet to attract brands to the web3. Initially used at the launch of Louis Vuitton's NFT collection, the tool allows brands to integrate crypto payments and personalize their websites.
  • Perhaps the most controversial announcement came from Tyler Hobbs. He and a group of artists launched generative tattoos through the company Blackdot, which has created an automated tattooing device. The way it works is simple, so an interested buyer selects an artist and/or a tattoo design in the form of an NFF, the result is generated and then performed/tattooed by a robot (Blackdot technology). Coming back, the controversial aspect was related to pricing. The cheapest tattoos on the site cost $2800, and a Tyler Hobbs Flyway tattoo (his genesis collection) is priced at $9800.
  • Mastercard has announced a solution that enables easy integration of central bank issued digital currencies (CBDCs) on various blockchains. Part of a test, the solution allowed a CBDC owner to buy an NFT listed on Ethereum.
  • IYK brings clothing accessories into the digital world through web3 technology. The new Fuse Module allows digital and physical garments to be connected via NFT patches. The technology used, ERC-6551, allows the basic garment to transform into a digital wallet that can "hold" other NFTs.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is once again collaborating with Binance for his third NFT launch, giving away 50,000 free 'CR7 ForeverZone' mystery boxes.

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