The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course is coming soon!

We are happily announcing that our UI/UX Design course will be launched soon. If you are a UI/UX designer beginner or a web developer who wants to get a clearer picture of why certain things are designed the way they are, then get ready to enroll to our course.

Our waitlist is open, and if you join it, we will let you know when the course is available. Also, you will get a special launch price with an 80% OFF discount.

What you will learn

The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course will teach you how to design and use all the UI/UX design components for your Web Pages & Mobile Apps (headers, cards, navigations, tables,and so on). One of the most distinctive characteristics of our course is that it comes with fully coded examples so that you can take our best practices to the next level!

Course Structure

Our course includes 6 parts. See below what you will learn in each part of our course:

  • A Brief History of Designing Elements - you will understand which events have substantially impacted the history of design, the evolution, and the trends over time until today.

  • What is UI/UX Design - you will understand the UI Design and UX Design concepts, how they work with each other, and the differences between them. If you have ever thought about becoming a UI or UX designer, this part will help you decide!

  • How to create Design Elements - you will learn how to create elements such as buttons, inputs, shadows, color palettes, gradients, and more. You will also learn how to use icons or illustrations correctly. All the examples come with coded versions.

  • How to Use & Combine Design Elements - you will learn how to mix components, what to avoid, and how to apply the best practices from the industry to create coded sections

  • Create Real-Life Applications - you will learn how to combine sections to create different presentation pages, for example: About Us, Profile Page, Blog Post or E-commerce. For the management part, you will have examples such as Login and Registration Pages, Admin and Dashboards, Stats, and Charts.

  • Website Inspiration from the Industry Leaders - the last part contains details about the evolution of some websites that respect the design rules and adapt their elements according to the trends. These examples also meet a user-friendly experience.

Certificate of completion

web design certification

We believe that with a certification in hand, you can surely get an edge over other job candidates. This is why our course comes with a certificate of completion which will offer a physical confirmation of your new/improved skills.

Interested in our Course?

If you want to improve your UI/UX skills, then our course is the one. Join now our waitlist and get 80% OFF for The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course. As soon as the course is out, we will notify you.