How To Develop An App With A Great User Interface And Experience

Providers of app design services already know the importance of both great user interface and user experience in mobile apps. This is the reason app development companies continuously chase graphic designers. The two most important factors that determine whether an app will be a successful one or not are both user interface and user experience.

To understand the importance of app design services, think of this. Can you name any successful game app with a poor user interface or a poor user experience? You will never find any because they all have a stunning user interface and great user experience. Designing a fantastic user interface is the most important part of app design services. The user interface is what will attract people and the user experience will reinforce the attraction.

A nice app with a poor user interface is like an unattractive food with great taste. Nobody may find out how great the taste is because the look has already turned people away. No matter how good you are in coding and programming, if you are not creative enough to prepare a fantastic user interface, you might have to hire an app designer.

All mobile apps with a wonderful user interface and user experience have certain characteristics. These characteristics have been outlined below.

Clarity and simplicity

Why will anyone take a lecture on how to use a particular app when there are several alternatives? If your app is difficult to understand, it will even be more difficult to use. So, your app should be intuitive and easy to understand. The idea is to keep it simple. Great apps offer a clear and simple user interface.


Successful mobile apps and even websites display a high level of concision. In your bid to make your app intuitive you might end up providing a huge note of explanations and you achieve the exact opposite of what you planned to achieve. Users of your app will have to read a mini-manual on every button. This is why concision is great. You should strive to summarize every explanation or instruction into just one word if possible. Aim towards one word so that if you don’t achieve that, you will end up with just a few words against a mini-manual. If you are observant enough, you will realize that great apps achieve concision by summarizing their instructions and explanations.


While it is great to make your app unique, a certain level of familiarity is important. If your app is too unique, its simplicity and clarity will be jeopardized. A good idea is to make use of familiar icons. For instance, the familiar icon used to represent the search command is a magnifying glass. Using any other icon will be counterproductive. In other words, all successful apps display some level of familiarity.


Great apps are very responsive. You should make your app respond fast. First of all, a slow response might not be an app issue. It could be as a result of a non-responsive server. That is if the app has to fetch data or information from a server. This means that your server should never encounter a downtime. Secondly, being responsive also means showing a sign that a command has been received and the app is working on the command. For instance, if you click on the button and you see a response like… loading…, you know that your command is being worked on and you won’t need to press the button again. But some apps are not designed like that. When you click on a button, even though the command has been received and it is being worked on, the button or the app will not show any sign. So, you end up pressing the same button several times.


Great apps are very attractive. This applies to game apps. Once a game app does not look attractive, users might not use it. Being attractive may not make much difference in other categories of apps. But game apps must be attractive. That is what gamers describe as having “stunning graphics”.


A great mobile app enhances efficiency. Your app should also enhance efficiency. Yes, all the other characteristics listed above work collectively to enhance efficiency, but there is more to efficiency.

A very good way to enhance efficiency is to figure the most used features in your app and provide shorter access to those features. After listing out the features you want in your mobile app, the next step is to hire a competent app designer and developer. Here are a few tips to select a great app developer.

Hire a certified developer

When you decide to hire an Android app developer, it is very good to hire a certified developer. Certified developers are usually very versatile and they use recent programming languages and more features. Sometimes certification can be used as a substitute for experience. In fact, several big corporations will choose recent certification over experience.

Versatility is important

It is good to hire an expert that is skilled in other parts of digital marketing. It is just like how you will prefer to buy all your stuff from a one-stop store, it is good to hire a developer that is knowledgeable about search engine optimization and other IT fields. It saves you a lot to hire the same person for all your digital marketing services other than hiring separate people specialists for each of them.

Good communication and presentation skills

You should hire a developer that has great communication and presentation skill. His communication should be free from all technical jargon that may confuse you. He should also be able to explain the benefits of each feature on your mobile app. The combination of confidence and good communication skills is a big sign of competence. You should never hire any developer that finds it difficult to explain things to you in clear terms especially the ones that keep making use of technical jargon. It is either he is incompetent or he is hiding something.

Another problem with experience is that a lot of inexperienced developers usually inflate their years of experience to lure unsuspecting clients. To avoid being deceived, you need to request proof of their years of experience. If anyone of them does not have any proof, you can ask for samples of their past works. That should give you room to assess their innovation and creativity.

Consider experience

It is a good idea to hire an Android app developer with the most experience among them. Experience usually comes with higher quality services. However, there is a little challenge with experience. The most experienced one might offer the highest charges. If the charges are still within your budget, it is better to go for it. Quality does not come cheap.

In conclusion, you now have all the required information to come up with a “killer” app. All it takes is to follow all the tips outlined above strictly.

Author Bio:

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem (, a mobile app development company based in USA & India.