10 Coolest Coming Soon Templates for the Under Construction Page of Your Dreams

The website is a must-have for modern entrepreneurs, bloggers, or even celebrities. And if you already have a website, you know that maintaining one is quite a job. You have to make sure that your website looks professional and trendy, which means that you will have to upgrade it from time to time whether you want it or not. So if you decided to upgrade your old website or build a brand-new one, you might want to consider using a so-called ‘coming soon’ template. Using a coming soon template which is also known as an ‘under construction’ template is actually a great way to update your website or build a new one.

You might think that a coming soon page is an unnecessary redundancy, but if you think so, you are terribly wrong. In fact, under construction pages can be a great way to promote your company, besides, they can also help with the whole bunch of stuff. For instance, coming soon pages will no doubt help you to:

  • make some marketing buzz and promote your company, product, or brand;
  • attract people to your mailing list and get more subscribers;
  • receive feedback from your clients;
  • create SEO foothold;
  • promote your social media accounts;
  • and many more.

In other words, you will only benefit from having a coming soon page. So since you have probably already decided to create a decent under construction page, you might want to check out these 10 coolest coming soon Bootstrap website templates.


Sssoon Page is a free one page made on Bootstrap 3 that is aimed to make a decent under-construction page for your website. The page comes with 8 Handcrafted Components, 2 Customized Plugins, and 4 Example Pages. If that wasn’t enough, the page also has a lot of positive reviews from the lucky developers who have already had a chance to try it. For instance, the page has 4.90 points out of 5 based on the 197 users’ reviews. So make your stunning free under construction page with Sssoon.


Shock is fully responsive under construction website template. It has a stunning design that will 100% fit any kind of website, blog, or portfolio. The page has 6 background styles as well as various background animations. Moreover, this very template comes with a JavaScript countdown and a working contact form, which is pretty awesome, isn’t it? Besides, after getting this template, in case you have any issues with it, you will be able to contact their friendly support team. And last but not least, one of the greatest advantages of this very HTML page is, of course, its affordable price which is only 21 bucks.


Co. coming soon page is a simple, yet carefully designed, under construction page. This very page has a cool countdown option that will give your potential clients the precise information about when your website starts working. Apart from that, the page has a subscription option so your followers or customers will be able to get an email subscription in order to receive all the updates about your company. If that wasn’t enough, this page has social options as well so you will be able to promote your social media accounts on this very coming soon page. So make a fancy and useful under construction page with Coming Soon Template.


Molo is fully responsive under construction template with a truly breathtaking design. The template comes with 4 different background styles as well as some cool animations. Molo also has social options so the page visitors will have an opportunity to check out your social media pages as well. Moreover, this template has a responsive image gallery, which is a great option for designers or artists. And as most of coming soon pages, Molo has a cool countdown option. So make a professional coming soon page with MOLO Coming Soon Specialty Page.


LaefSun is a modern minimalistic template that will definitely make your coming soon page simply outstanding. The page has a beautiful background as well as a nice countdown option. Moreover, there is an email subscription form on the page so your potential clients and partners will be able to get the latest updates from you. Even though this pretty template does not have social options, it is still a great option for an under-construction page. So make a nice and neat coming soon page for your website with LaefSun Page.


Everest is an ultra-responsive coming soon template that has a vast variety of cool features. The template has a stunning design as well as 11 ready-to-use skins. Everest comes with a contact form that will allow the visitors of your website to keep in touch with you. Moreover, this very template has a stunning gallery option, so you will be able to share some cool pictures on your under-construction page. And if that still wasn’t enough, Everest comes with clear documentation and an excellent 24/7 support service. So make a fancy under construction page with Everest Coming Soon HTML5 Specialty Page.

Coming Soon 4 Page

Coming Soon 4 Page has a rather simple, but at the same time beautiful and modern design. This under-construction template has everything you might need for such a page. For instance, the template has a cool countdown option, so your potential clients and partners will know when your website starts working. Moreover, Coming Soon 4 Page has a great email subscription option, so you will be able to notify your subscribers about all the updates. So make your under construction page look elegant and eye-catching with Coming Soon 4 Page.


Cargo Coming Soon page is always a win. It has a stunning design and 10 ready-to-use skins. The template has a vast variety of additional pages as well. Besides, the page has social options, so you will be able to advertise your social media accounts a little bit. Moreover, Cargo comes with Gallery, which means that you can show off some cool pictures of your products or services on your coming soon page. The template is ultra-responsive, that being said, it works smoothly on all the devices, and comes with a great 24/7 support service. So make a stunning under construction page  Cargo Coming Soon HTML5 Specialty Page.

Oc Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon Page is another great under construction page option for any kind of a website. The template has a modern and eye-catching design which will no doubt attract more visitors to your website. Moreover, it comes with social options, so your potential customers, clients, or partners will be able to contact you via social media. This very page has a nice countdown option as well, and what is even more important, a great subscription option. So make a striking under construction page with Coming Soon Page.

Ocean Coming Soon Page

Ocean Coming Soon Page has a truly magnificent modern design. But Ocean’s beautiful design is not the only advantage. The template has several useful features such as countdown options, social options, and subscription options. Countdown option is aimed to let your website visitors know when your website starts working, a social option will allow you to promote your social media accounts a little bit, and subscription option will allow your subscribers to receive the latest updates from you. Build a perfect under construction page with Ocean Coming Soon Page.

Sum Up

Well, it is pretty obvious that having a nice coming soon page is one of the key factors of your website’s success. Since, having an under-construction page has many perks such as an ability to promote your company or advertise your social media accounts, more and more entrepreneurs, bloggers, and celebrities launch a coming soon page before they launch their actual website. Luckily, today getting a pretty under-construction page is easy and really cheap, so everybody can afford it.

A nice coming soon page will definitely contribute to your actual website’s success and as a result of your business’ success. So do not ever doubt and launch your under-construction page with one of these cool coming soon templates.

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