Chit-chat with Nathan Fallet, the manager of is an 80k Instagram community managed by Nathan Fallet. You would wonder how he did it, who is he and what does he do for a living. I believe Nathan is the pure impersonation of a millennial entrepreneur. At just 16, his schedule is fuller than ours, probably, and his future plans never cease to amaze us.

Because he is so cool, we asked him a couple of questions. Fortunately, he answered. 🙂

Who are you and how can you best define yourself in 3 words?

I’m Nathan Fallet, I’m 16, and I like to code whenever I can. I started coding when I was 10, with some HTML basic things, and with time and practice, I came across CSS, PHP, Java and recently Swift. For now, I’m still studying sciences at school, but I wish to be a developer as soon as possible after that, to live every day with this dream of code. I think the words that define me the best are curious, innovative, and free. I mean I like to discover new technologies and try to make new things with them to innovate and have fun, being free to control what I create.

What drives your work every day? Do you believe in daily motivation and if yes, how do you obtain it?

Today I work with my friends as a non-profit organization, named Groupe MINASTE, as I previously said, to innovate. I think to see the projects we make grow step by step give me my motivation. We have everything organized, and each day I know what I have to do. And when it’s the end of the day, I see the difference before/after, and it makes me happy. That’s how I continue to work day by day, finding the motivation by seeing our projects grow.

What drives people towards you? What’s the x-factor in your work? What do you believe to be an “x” factor?

As a united group of developers, we all support each other’s work. When that work is well done, they might share it with other non-developers. The quality of the work is the first major step to achieve, which will drive people towards me pretty naturally.

How would you define entrepreneurship? Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur? 

To explain how I see this journey, I will take as an example my current project Extopy, a new social network. So first, all start with an idea: why not to create a social network for Minecraft players? (as I was working on a Minecraft server at this time). Then we talked a lot about the idea, to define how we would see the project at the end, the perfect social network. This phase took us a year to have the idea clear to everyone! We had to think about each feature, make everything coherent, and give to future users the experience they are waiting for. Then we put everything on a shared board and we started to write the code step by step. That’s where we currently are in this project. After that, we plan to launch betas to have the first feedback from external people and get a better project. At the end, we’ll launch it publicly and let it grow by itself. That’s how I see the journey to a finished project. The idea of entrepreneur corresponds a lot to the way I’m working so I can say yes, but as I’m officially a student, not really for now.

What’s the story behind Insta community?

In the beginning, Adrien created this account. Because he didn’t have enough time to manage it, he contacted me to help him, after what I started to manage it. Now Adrien is still here but it’s mostly me on it, as I really like to be in contact with the community of developers. We basically repost the pictures the community send us everyday, and share at the same time our journey as a developer, as I recently did with the tic tac toe app I made live, and that’s all!

Do you consider yourself to be a successful man?

I think, seeing all my projects grow day by day makes me consider myself as a successful man. I mean the success of my projects makes my own success.

Latest book you read

Well, I don’t read a lot of books. I prefer online articles like the ones you have on Medium, it is shorter, and give a lot of information too. It’s always about code, for example in the last day I was in iOS development so I read a lot about iOS development.

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning

In the morning I first check my messages. As I said I really like to be in contact with the community of developers. Then I eat something and I go to school. After my day of school, I go back home, and it’s like if a second day starts with coding. I take my organization board and I start working on my projects.

Future plans

As I talked about previously, I plan to finish the projects I started, and after that, I plan to start new ones. It’s like a loop, but I like what I do, and only that matters to me.

Something to add?

As I’m here, I invite readers to check out my website ( to learn more about my projects, and also follow me on social networks to get news about them. And I wish to everyone a good day!

Alexandra Murtaza

Alexandra Murtaza