10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile App Development

Smart mobility is growing unprecedentedly. Smart devices have created their needs among all; be they are common users or employees of an organization. According to a report by market researcher Newzoo, the number of smartphone users will pass 3.8 billion by 2021. Seeing all the trends, turning in a positive direction, the demand for mobile app development, without any doubt, will also increase.

The leading platforms, Android and iPhone, now have the largest user-bases. Businesses across industries are aware of this shift and, thus some of them have already marked their presence in mobile platform via apps.

When it comes to mobile application development, organizations are seen with many doubts before beginning the project. The core one to be noticed frequently is whether an organization or business should employ its own development team or outsource the project to a third-party developer.

The answer lies in what the mass go with. When we understand trend followed by other businesses and organizations, the most applied approached is to outsource the project to a third-party mobile app development company.

Now, let’s understand why you should also outsource your app development to third-party software firm:

  1. Profound professional knowledge

When you hire a professional outsourcing mobile app development firm, you hire knowledge collectively spanning several decades. This will help you get a perfect blend of skill-sets required for the actualization of your app idea. Software firms working on outsourced projects have teams of professionally qualified designers, developers, and testers. They have already worked on several different projects at their current and previous organizations as well as facing unique challenges. This provides the capabilities of devising apps with the advanced of quality and user-friendliness.


  1. Clear costing throughout the development

When you hire a professional outsourcing development partner, you experience the high-level of transparency. They first understand all your requirements and then quote the budget. This avoids any hidden cost that may fall on you in the middle of the development. Professional developers make everything related to cost clear in the beginning and, if there is no major change occurring from a client’s side, they stick to the cost throughout the development. This is how the cost-transparency is maintained by professionals. Of course, this allows them to win the trust of their clients.


  1. High-quality at a reasonable cost

Because an outsourcing firm has several projects in the pipeline to keep its time and resources managed, it’s possible that it can also offer its services at the lowest cost possible. It can decrease to cost of a project to beat the competition and still maintain the high-quality standards.

On the other hand, when hiring an in-house team, an organization with no previous IT background has to make a significant investment in employing a full development team plus in establishing the required infrastructure. The approach can double the development cost at the end of the day.


  1. The rapid conclusion of a project

An outsourcing firm has multiple projects progressing at the same time. The development work is distributed among different team-members who work together and rapidly conclude a project. This allows the firm to develop and implement an app at a fast pace. This is just not possible with an in-house team.


  1. Availability of developers

Because the firm has large teams to handle several projects simultaneously, there is no shortage of developers required in an emergency. With this approach, a project can be concluded and problems can be sorted out within the stipulated time.


  1. Dedicated team available

Many outsourcing firms even encourage their clients to hire a dedicated team that will take care of their projects only. With this approach, the firm may stay dedicated to every project it’s working on. Also, clients can handle their dedicated team and can even have direct communications.


  1. Superior technology

The outsourcing mobile app development industry has now become super-competitive as new firms are entering every now and then. On the other hand, older firms engaged in the business for the last several years know that only offering the highest quality development can keep their survival continued. This encourages them to adopt the latest development technology and approach to stay relevant to the market and keep beating the competition.


  1. Stay scalable

Your project in the hands of a professional outsourcing mobile app development firm stays fully scalable as it may already be having a large developing team to provide additional support whenever required. It can appoint more developers to conclude a project in the promised period of time.

You may have to invest excessively to bring in this level of scalability to your own in-house team.


  1. Independence of choosing an engagement model

An outsourcing developer works for clients coming from different industries across the world. A specific industry may have specific requirements for getting its project implemented. This is why the firm provides full freedom to customers to either go with a monthly payment model or with a per-milestone model. Also, a custom model can be created as per the specific requirements of a project.


  1. Transparency and integrity

An outsourcing company is already in the public domain. It cannot hide anything as its clients come from diverse industries. It cannot influence them to give positive feedback all the time. An outsourcing firm has no choice but to maintain a high level of transparency and integrity throughout the development of a project.

Magnus Eriksen