What Apple could buy with its $194 billion in cash

Before reading this article, you should see how $194 billion looks like:


Apple has this huge amount in cash, but the company can’t seem to spend it fast enough. There are so many things they can do with this amount of money! Here are some funny facts and suggestions.

1. Apple can buy some of the most valuable startups in the world.



2. Apple could buy a country with a GDP of less than $137.1 billion – Morocco, Cuba, or even Luxembourg – and turn it into a holiday home.




3. If Apple would want to outcompete a rival, then the easiest thing would be to buy it.




4. Apple could feed everyone in the world four Big Macs and it would still have enough money to buy a $300 burger from Serendipity, New York, which is sold with a toothpick full of diamonds.


5. Apple could buy over 13 million Dacia Logan cars or 7 Ferrari per employee.


6. Apple could buy 5,8 billion shirts, $19 each, or a $1000s laptop for half the world’s unemployed.


7. Apple could hire 1,8 million security guards for a year, with an annual salary of $60.000.

Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman