Giveaway – Win 1 of 5 Developer Licenses of “Get Shit Done PRO” Kit

What is Get Shit Done PRO?

Get Shit Done Pro Kit is a Bootstrap Kit that comes with a huge number of customizable components. The components are not only designed to be pixel perfect and light but are also easy to use and match each other perfectly.

The kit is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap, to make it look amazing and also includes a PSD version. Give your project a fresh look and choose from the collection of beautiful pre-defined components to create the website that meets your need.



    • Basic Elements – The core items of your website. This part incorporate every Bootstrap default element, but in a new version. Here you will find buttons, social buttons, morphing buttons, inputs, headers, footers, labels, pagination and new items that will take your project to the next level.
    • Famous Cards – One card for every problem. Cards deliver a unique way to present information that’s part of your tool. The cards are not only looking good on desktop, but they are really useful and fit perfectly on phones/tablets and are the future of web.
    • Content Area – In this part you will find a package of good-looking content block designs for comments, tables, product listings, shopping carts and much more.
    • Javascript Components – For the Javascript elements, they customized the existing elements and they also introduced new ones. Here we are talking about datepickers, responsive charts, tooltips, popovers, carousels, etc.

For more details about every component, enter here .

Get Shit Done features an amazing sets of elements that are vital to any project. Everything you need to start your website is right here. You can use this package as the base of multiple projects. Here you can find a gallery of designs that were built with Get Shit Done PRO.


The giveaway

If you’re interested in Get Shit Done Kit, we have 5 full developer licenses to give away (299$ each one).

Below you will find all the info on how to get them:


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56 thoughts on “Giveaway – Win 1 of 5 Developer Licenses of “Get Shit Done PRO” Kit

  1. Being a freelancer in Spain is really tough due to the high taxes you must pay for working. Nevertheless I love my job too much to give up, so this material is always a great ‘keep pushing’!

  2. I only recently found out about the Get Shit Done Pro framework, and it is a gorgeous piece of kit. I can only hope I win one so I can make all my shit beautiful too!

  3. We’re in the process of redesigning our own websites and some client websites, & Bootstrap is the way we want to go. So excited to find this “Get Shit Done” kit!

  4. Lovely kit – though it got me into trouble when I asked on Stack Overflow how to integrate with Meteor – people thought I was being rude – should be safe enough here though – so anyone using it with Meteor?

  5. Time is valuable . GET SHIT DONE could jus save that. I mean alot of it. Anyway to be honest it took me a giveaway to come by to share my thought. Keep doing what you guys cause it took a lot of your time to save ours.

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