Must-have Offline Web Design Tools 2019

It’s just great if you’re able to do everything when building a website: HTML/CSS coding, UI/UX design, content writing and others. But you don’t need to, because otherwise you lose your time and money working on things you can get to work automatically just by using the right tools. In case you are not familiar with web development at all, it’s time to learn about these modern offline web design software tools that help you create your website in a matter of hours.

WOW Slider

offline slideshow generator

If you are looking for a way to show your images in a most entertaining manner, WOW Slider is definitely the tool you need. WOW Slider is a simple and straightforward website slideshow generator. It features over 80 slider templates and more than 30 transition effects. With WOW Slider, you can easily put a slideshow that will wow your website audience without coding on your part. Basically, WOW Slider is based on jQuery, but you can turn your slideshow into a lightweight CSS one by tweaking simple settings. There is more you can change about your slider: adjust the image quality, add your own watermark, choose from full-screen, full-width or boxed layouts, add or hide slider navigation, titles and descriptions and more. Your slider will be responsive and touch-sensitive.

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offline html5 video generator

EasyHTML5Video is an underestimated great HTML5 video creator. This offline web design software allows anyone to embed a video inside web pages with a simple HTML5 audio player. Videos generated by this software are supported on all devices and in all browsers (even outdated ones). With it, you can forget about YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing platforms: EasyHTML5Video gives you full control over your videos. If you look at the app interface, you will see there are just options you need and you can handle with ease: choose supported video formats, adjust the video size and quality, add controls and watermark and define whether or not your video should start automatically and play on loop. The interface is quite simple, so you won’t have to have any HTML/CSS expertise to get started.

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offline web design software

Mobirise is free offline website design software that creates websites on such web component frameworks as Bootstrap 4 and Google AMP. Mobirise offers a rich set of website templates that contain functional pieces called blocks. For example, you can add blocks like headers, articles, contacts, menus, galleries, counters, and others. You can modify every block and elements on it with parameters and visual design features. If you have your content, you will be able to get your website set up and ready for launch with this web design software within just minutes! 

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Creating a website is an uphill task that requires focus on multiple things at once: design, user interactions, content, SEO, functional optimization and a lot more of what is awaiting you once you decide to build a web page for your business. But thanks to the web design tools above, you will be able to skip some parts and come straight to what you really need to be focused on. Take a look at these offline web design software programs and decrease the time of web development!