15+ Top Dark Website Themes for 2021

Generally considered to be controversial and devoid of color, black websites instead are sophisticated, unique, and minimal. Dark website design has been gaining momentum in the web designing fraternity, as these themes complement colors perfectly and highlight design and visual content in the best way possible. This article covers the 15+ top dark website themes for 2021, which can make your website stand out from the rest.

Dark Design in 2021

2020 has seen an influx of new websites popping up here and there because of the increased focus on online businesses. With this,  in 2021 dark inspiration is also popular giving rise to an influx of dark website background ideas. Read on to find out the best dark website themes with black backgrounds that you can use for your next project.

Examples of dark design templates

Material Dashboard Dark Edition – Creative Tim

Material Dashboard Dark Edition

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This unique dashboard design from Creative Tim has the following features:

  • Makes use of light, surface, and movement
  • The layout resembles sheets of papers with different layers
  • 5 color filter choices for card headers and sidebar


Black Dashboard Angular – Creative Tim

Black Dashboard Angular

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Yet another sophisticated design from Creative Tim, this template has the following features:

  • Based on Bootstrap 4 and Angular 9
  • Best for data visualization since it is light, powerful yet easy to use
  • Comprises of spacious cards, easy on the eye colors graphics, and beautiful typography
  • Comes with two versions, dark mode, and light mode


Black Dashboard Pro Laravel – Creative Tim

Black Dashboard Pro Laravel

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This dashboard theme from Creative Tim has the following features:

  • Allows you to build complex admin panels faster
  • Offers admin panels for blogs, e-commerce platforms, presentation websites, SaaS apps, etc
  • Powerful and versatile with over 200 frontend components


BLK Design System Pro Angular – Creative Tim

Design System

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This material kit has the following features:

  • Fully coded, over 1100 individual components that give choosing and combining freedom
  • Offers variations in color, styles, focus, and hover varieties
  • Go from prototype to full-functional, dark-colored websites fast, as all elements are implemented


Nuxt Black Dashboard Pro – Creative Tim

Nuxt Black Dashboard PRO

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This beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard theme has the following features:

  • Easy on the eye, beautiful typography and spacious cards
  • Just enough features to use with ease
  • Combines multiple components, plugins, and features to give an exceptional dark-themed performance


Black Dashboard Django – Creative Tim

Black Dashboard Django

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This Bootstrap 4 Admin template for Django has the following features:

  • Features a huge number of interconnected components
  • Best for data visualization of business
  • Light, powerful, easy to use, and modify
  • Over 16 individual components


Corona – Bootstrap Dash

Corona Dashboard

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Corona by Bootstrap Dash is yet another one of the dark-colored website ideas with the following features:

  • Simple, unique, intriguing, and shadowy design
  • Powerful dashboard with useful components that simplify complex web app development
  • Available in several layouts


Minimal Dark – Themematic

Minimal Dark Theme

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Minimal Dark, as the name suggests is a dark website theme my Themematic which has the following features:

  • Masonry layout child theme
  • Modern, clean, response WordPress theme
  • Suitable for blogs, magazine, news, entertainment
  • Multiple footer widgets, scroll loading, and several formats available


Gayatri – Wpkiothemes

Gayatri theme

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Gayatri is yet another dark style theme with the following features:

  • Clean, multipurpose, responsive theme with music content
  • Useful for blogs, webshops, portfolios, etc.
  • No coding needed


Vue Black Dashboard Pro – Creative Tim

Vue Black Dashboard Pro

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The beautiful dark dashboard for Bootstrap 4, Vue Black Dashboard Pro by Creative Tim has the following features:

  • Suitable for data visualization
  • Contains numerous components and plugins that come together to create beautiful graphics, typography and colors that are easy on the eye


BLK Design System Pro – Creative Tim

blk design system pro

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A complete design system for Bootstrap 4, Black Design System Pro by Creative Tim has the following features:

  • Contains 110 individual components, 17 example pages, and 43 sections
  • Modifiable using SASS files
  • Easy to deploy and implement
  • Multiple colors, styles, hover and focus capabilities


Personal Trainer Ready to Import Website – Astra

Personal Trainer template

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This ready to import a website from Astra boasts a beautiful dark theme and has the following additional features:

  • Optimized websites that require little coding experience
  • Ready to import and use
  • Beautiful, spacious designs with complementing colors
  • Suitable for fitness websites


Parallax Pro Theme Package – StudioPress

Parallax Pro Theme

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The Parallax Pro theme by Studio Press has the following features:

  • Properly managed page content
  • Simple vertical design
  • Dark theme suitable for eCommerce platforms


Drape Shade Theme – Sharkthemes

Drape Shade Theme

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A dark schemed child theme of Drape, the Drape Shade dark WordPress theme has the following features:

  • The beautiful dark theme that is easy to install.
  • Clean and minimalistic design
  • Best for blogs


Bold Photography Theme  – Catch Themes

Bold Photography Theme

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The sleek dark WordPress theme bold Photography has the following features:

  • Best for photographic websites
  • Features like testimonials, portfolio, services, etc. included
  • Also comprises of the premium version for added functionalities


Black Dashboard Flask – Creative Tim

black dashboard flask

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This modern and freshly launched admin template has the following features:

  • More than 20 components built to fit together and look amazing
  • All components can take variations in color, that you can easily modify using SASS files.
  • Light and easy to use
  • Best for data visualization of business


The concept of dark design is not suitable for every instance, but there are situations when it is your best bet to create a beautiful website.

Consider the following when creating black websites:

  • Increase the font size to improve readability against a dark background.
  • Create the website to reflect the brand. Not all brands farewell with a dark theme.
  • Choose the right font that is suitable for black websites.
  • Use more whitespace to make your text more readable.
  • Use high-quality images to make them stand out.
  • Use little content as dark themes do not fare well with a lot of content.

Check out these beautiful dark backgrounds by Creative Tim!