Giveaway - Win 1 of 5 Developer Licenses of Material Dashboard Pro

What is Material Dashboard Pro?

Material Dashboard PRO is a Premium Material Bootstrap Admin with a fresh, new design. The inspiration comes, of course, from Google’s Material Design. The base is the popular Bootstrap framework and comes packed with multiple third-party plugins. All components are built to fit perfectly with each other while aligning to the material concepts.

Material Dashboard PRO makes use of light, surface, and movement. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple layers so that the depth and order are obvious. Inside the archive, you will find multiple example pages on how to use all components. And, of course, the pack contains documentation for every component.


What is in PRO version?



The giveaway

If you like Material Dashboard Pro, we are giving 5 full developer licenses (199$ each one). Below you will find all the info on how to get them:

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Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman