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Argon Dashboard

Free Dashboard For Bootstrap 4
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  • downloaded
1 month ago

Some native bootstrap 4.3.1 components does not work after upgrading to bootstrap 4.3.1 ex: What i did? 1) npm install 2) replace the assets/scss/bootstrap content with the latest bootstrap 4.3.1 source scss 3) gulp build 4) load the new css and js that was build If i want to use for example the spinners, it will not work. If i load the bootstrap.min.css before the the argon.css the spinners works (or other new bootstrap components). I did something wrong?

  • owner

Hi @cinobeș and thank you for working with our products! We will update the Argon Dashboard to the last version of bootstrap in a few weeks and we will make all the things work. For now, if the method with bootstrap.min.css before argon.css works, use it that way, but I hope no other elements will be affected. All the best, Rares!
1 month ago

paritoshifl 1 month ago

@rarestoma understood.

  • downloaded
1 month ago

This Template is Awesome guys

  • downloaded

28 days ago

  • downloaded
27 days ago

No pude correrla! Creo que hay algo fallo en el package.json. Si alguien puede ayudarme por favor!

  • owner

Hola @danieloisesonalderado y gracias por estar interesado en nuestros productos! Le sugerimos que consulte nuestra documentación( De acuerdo, Rares!
26 days ago

  • downloaded
20 days ago


  • downloaded
3 days ago

Nice template broo....

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