Argon Design System

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Argon Design System

Free Design System for Bootstrap 4
· 4.90/5 (109 Reviews)

MIT License

Community Support
6 months Updates
Release: 6 months ago
Update: 5 months ago

100 Handcrafted Components

3 Customized Plugins

4 Example Pages

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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  • downloaded
26 days ago

@extrabright When will the pro version of this come out? It's been nearly 3 months since you said the pro version would be released...

ricosandycaf 22 days ago

Can't wait for It's React version

  • downloaded
21 days ago

wow you are awesome . how generous you are giving your hard work as a free .love and respect .keep it up the good work.

  • downloaded
4 days ago

loved all components very beautiful ui

  • downloaded
3 days ago

hi, there is small glitch with modal and stripe elements, when I type card details the backdrop goes black to transparent to black every other character/field is typed, with vanilla bootstrap all good - so something clashes with argon.css

  • downloaded

also <div class="invalid-feedback">Error</div> is not displayed when stripe.js is loaded, there must be some conflict
1 day ago

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