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107 Web Developers commented on this product

  • downloaded
5 months ago


  • downloaded
5 months ago

Hi, how do I disable the dropdown animation?

  • downloaded
5 months ago

How can I still have a popup warning for the user that he is obligated to check a required checkbox (example agree with terms and conditions)? As I use de gsdk-checkbox.js way, I doesn't give a warning anymore.

  • owner

@geert.devlamynck thank you for using our product. You need to manually check if the checkbox is checked using jQuery as it is presented in this example: Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
5 months ago

  • downloaded
5 months ago

Thank guys. It is for pleasure!!!!!!!

  • downloaded
3 months ago

@creative-tim You are awsome

  • downloaded
2 months ago


  • downloaded
1 day ago

Hi. I am working with the GSDK bootstrap and would like to update to jQuery 3.2.1 do you have any tips on the best way to do this? Thanks.

  • owner

@ocelotalot thank you for using our product. You can simply change the jQuery library, if that is not working, please let us know. We will have an official update to Bootstrap 4 soon, which will be based on jQuery 3.2.1. Best, Alex!
13 hours ago

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