Material Dashboard Angular

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Material Dashboard Angular

Free Bootstrap 4 Angular 7 Admin Template
· 4.90/5 (302 Reviews)

MIT License

Community Support
6 months Updates
Release: 2 years ago
Update: 3 months ago

60 Handcrafted Components

2 Customized Plugins

3 Example Pages

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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4 days ago

I want to buy this product. But I don't understand the terms and conditions. I bought it once and downloaded the template. Isn't it over? Is this product only available for 6 months after I purchase and download it? Can't you permanently own what I downloaded?

  • downloaded
1 day ago

Hi! Love the dashboard, you're delivering awesome work! Thanks for that. I'm trying to build an application based on the dashboard and want some CI/CD implemented so I started with a simple 'ng test' but found that there's an error about a missing karma module (karma-jasmine-html-reporter) When I install this module (npm install --save-dev karma-jasmine-html-reporter) and retry 'ng test' I still get errors, this time 'NavbarComponent should create FAILED' which seems like a genuine test failing. I just don't get why it's giving the error, because when I start 'ng serve' and browse to http://localhost:4200 I get a perfectly working dashboard. Any thoughts on this?

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