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Material Dashboard React Laravel

Free Full Stack App With Laravel & React

Product description

Check out the latest freebie we built with UPDIVISION based on the MUI component library powered by React and Laravel API.

React Material Dashboard Laravel l also comes with a fresh, new design inspired by Material Design 2, Google's approach to designing components and interfaces. Add in out of the box Laravel CRUD endpoints for the most widely used features in any CMS and you`ve got a full stack solution for building complex apps fast.

With React Material Dashboard Laravel you can go from prototyping to launching your app in no time, thanks to:

  • 70 UI components you can easily mix, match and customize using MUI styled() API and sx prop. Everything is designed to ensure the best user experience and coding experience, as well.
  • 8 example pages to give you a taste of what you can build using React Material Dashboard Laravel and 2 customized plugins
  • fully-functional authentication system, register and user profile editing features built with Laravel

Free for personal and commercial projects

Whether you're working on a side project or delivering to a client, React Material Dashboard Laravel is free to use. The product is released under MIT license, so you can use it both for personal and commercial projects for free. Simply download it, install it and start coding.

API powered Laravel CRUDs

React Material Dashboard Laravel comes with authentication, registration and user profile, a must-have for any app you're going to build. Instead of investing time in doing the integration, you have everything you need to get started right away. The API does the heavy lifting so you can:

  • cut development time by keeping frontend-backend conflicts to a minimum
  • never argue again about how responses should be formatted. By following JSON:API standards we make sure you never get an array when you're expecting a string.
  • have everything work seamlessly, regardless of your project. The API backend is reusable across devices.

Detailed documentation

We also included detailed documentation for every component and feature so you can find everything you need easily, from Laravel setup to file structure and frontend assets.

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Material Dashboard React Laravel  - Fully Coded Laravel
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