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1 month ago

hi still have problems with rails it s impossible to upgrade the material kit to V1.1.0 and i have issues. My question :-) so i can't use it and try this free version. My question, if i buy the pro version of material kit, should i will have the ame issue, or do you supply an update solution for ruby on rails developpers? now the only thin i can do is describe here https://goo.gl/vkEsZ6: i would like to update my GEM cause i have so many issues. but i cant the only version is gem 'material_kit', '~> 1.0', '>=' What about the pro plan? do you have the same product or is that different? that should be opperational ? let me know cause i really like the them and i would like to know if i have to found an other solution, best Vincent,

  • owner

@vincentv thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately, the Rails gems are not supported anymore by our collaborator. That means if you want to use the upgraded version you need to manually go inside the gem structure of folders, where are the assets and replace the CSS and the JS with the new one from Material Kit Free and PRO. Hope this information helps you. Please let us know if we can help with any other information. Best, Alex!
28 days ago

  • downloaded
27 days ago


  • downloaded
24 days ago

Embarrassing question time: how do I get changes in scss to be reflected in the css? I know I need something like "propros" (I'm on Winblows10), but how should that be set-up (e.g. how do all the scss files end up as material-kit.css)?

  • owner

@creativetim5e4 we recommend you Koala: http://koala-app.com/ make sure you set the output path to aseets/css/material-kit.css and you need to compile the material-kit.scss Best, Alex!
22 days ago

  • downloaded
16 days ago

Thanks, this is useful, and it works well with the dashboard as well!

  • downloaded
16 days ago

Full responsive, nice

  • downloaded
13 days ago


  • downloaded
10 days ago

alright i have used material kit to design almost 20 sites and it has been awesome @ @materialkit

johan.deboer 8 days ago


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2 days ago


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2 days ago


  • owner

@shokri177 asasgdgsdgfdhf?
1 day ago

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