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Navbar With Icons

Navbar With Icons

Navbar Snippet
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Release: 5 years ago
Update: 3 years ago
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  • downloaded
9 months ago

It's Great & Clean Design.. Thank You!!

  • downloaded
7 months ago

Wonderful! :) thanks

  • downloaded
4 months ago

I would like to know the best method to change the size of logo border.

  • downloaded
3 months ago

Hi Alex, do you have an Bootstrap 4 version of this menu? I purchased Material Kit Pro (Bootstrap 4) and would really like to apply this style of menu. But currently it seems as though this is only available for Bootstrap 3.

  • downloaded
5 days ago

Excellent work!!! But I have a one problem with in version mobile, isn't responsive. I can view only in computer responsive when I adapt screen to 573px, but in my mobile this example not. But if I go to this url I can see perfectly responsive in my mobile. Do you know which is the problem? Thanks.

  • downloaded

I already fixed it. I needed to put this code: <meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no" name="viewport">
5 days ago

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