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25 days ago

Hi all, does anyone create a dropdown option for sub-menu with this kit?, I don´t know how to do it, I hope some one can help me

suhud 25 days ago

I am student i want to learn angular5 before i buY this project for my client . so in free product how can i add new page like privacy policy on ( localhost:4200/privacy-policy) please tell me command and what changes i have to make please

  • owner

Hi, @suhud .Thank you for using our product. You need to use terminal and go into the folder where you want to be the component and run this command: ng generate component your_component_name. After that, you need to go to app.routing.ts and add the route for your component. Best, Ciprian
24 days ago


I'm a Sr. Software Engineer ( and ( I'll be HAPPY to help anyone with Angular 5/6.1 and Bootstrap 3/4. I have my own dedicated server with a GIT BitBucket and already built up template for you to learn with. I've been in the IT industry for over 35 years and a US NAVY Disabled Veteran. I WILL NOT charge you for my services but if you wish to 'donate' something, it'd be appreciated. I simply want to pass on what I know. Cherlaru, I spun up an Angular 6 and Bootstrap 4 app shell in 2 hours, customized it in one and wala, it rocks. One problem I'm having is the toggler will NOT disappear when in FULL screen mode and the menu won't disappear in MOBILE mode.... LOL. See, students, even us OLD FARTS have issues... we're always learning. Cherlaru, ping me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to create a repo and branch for you on my dedicated server. Let's work together but I do need help, sir. If you agree, I'll create an account for you and the students and let's make magic!!! Cheers, my friend. Peter
11 days ago

  • owner

Hi, @peterilg ! Thank you for your initiative and we respect that you want to help us. You can share with us what you are working on now. All the best, Ciprian
9 days ago

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