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Now UI Kit React

Free Bootstrap 4 And Reactstrap Ui Kit
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MIT License

Community Support
6 months Updates
Release: 2 months ago
Update: 2 months ago

50 Handcrafted Elements

4 Customized Plugins

3 Example Pages

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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Get more power with Now UI Kit PRO React. It has a lot more features compared to the free version. We hope you will create awesome websites/templates with this product!

What is in Demo?
  • Elements · 50
  • Plugins · 4
  • Examples Pages · 3
  • -
  • -
What is in PRO Version?
  • Elements · 1000
  • Plugins · 8
  • Example Pages · 11
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
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2 months ago

Awesome cute design, thanks developers.

amitmishra1800 2 months ago

Hey, Tim you're too creative dude. Though there is nothing that we know about creativity as we're backend developers but we all get support from you Thanks ;D

  • owner

Hello there @amitmishra1800 . Thank you for your kind words and interest in our products. Happy Hacking!
2 months ago


2 months ago

9markomarkovic 2 months ago

Is it possible to transfer this app to Gatsby js?i think it is bcs i found some tutorial in Gatsby docs but cannot understand....can you write short steps?thanks

  • owner

Hello there, @9markomarkovic . Thank you for your interest in working with our products. At the moment we haven't use Gatsby in any of our products and can't really help you with this. Really sorry, Manu.
2 months ago

ehtrixrsps 24 days ago


  • owner

21 days ago

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