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26 Web Developers commented on this product
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5 months ago

Great Product. It would be great if you can provide some advice for fixing the navbar to the top, while keeping the same settings for the side nav and functionality for the top?

dragosct10 thank you for using our product. We opened an issue with the solution for you here: Please let us know if that was good. Best, Dragos
5 months ago

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3 months ago

ola, meu ´projeto e simples

  • downloaded
19 days ago

This looks like a nice product but I have a couple questions about the jQuery file. Why is an older version of jQuery being used? I'm assuming things should still work okay if I use a newer version? Also is the sizzle.js that is included in the jQuery file necessary for the theme to work?

  • downloaded

@amfischer21 thank you for using our product. It is having an older version because when we implemented it used Paper Kit which also had an older version of jQuery :-( since there were no requests for a newer version of jQuery we didn't think of changing it, now we have that in the plan to upgrade also the jQuery library on the next release. Sincerely, we didn't test the product with jQuery 3.x.x so, at this moment, we don't know if it will work smooth or not. It should work fine without sizzle.js too. Please let us know your progress and we will see how we can help. Best, Alex!
19 days ago

  • downloaded

@axelut thanks for the quick response. I will go ahead and try to use this theme with jQuery 3.x.x and let you guys know if I run into any issues or if it runs smoothly. I feel like it shouldn't matter but we'll see. Thanks again!
17 days ago

  • downloaded
16 days ago

Stunning free template, LOVE the customization of this and it's feature set. Keep doing what you're doing because you're awesome! Thanks so much!

  • downloaded

@steven_bauman thanks mate! Glad that you love it :D Best, Alex!
14 days ago

  • downloaded
13 days ago

Thank you :) This so beautiful

  • downloaded
7 days ago

Hi guys. This template not let me use "MODALS". Does anyone know why? Thank you so much for such a great product! Atte; @WgetDc

  • downloaded

@bart.carlos thank you for using our product. Please add this code: $('.modal').appendTo('body'); inside paper-dashboard.js, inside the $(document).ready(function(){ ... }); and the modals will work fine. Other option would be to place the body of the modal outside of the wrapper class. Please let us know if that was helpful. Best, Alex!
6 days ago

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Design Quality

Nice and clean template, exactly what i search for my new project. Another top product from Tim.

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