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82 Web Developers commented on this product

mhndroid 8 days ago

using only css.

  • downloaded
1 day ago

I cannot add datepicker plugin, datepicker is behind main-panel, I also change the z-index but still not working

  • owner

Hi, @yulianto.saparudin ! Thank you for using our product. Can you give us the link of your project to see what is happening there? Regards, Dragos
22 hours ago

  • downloaded

@dragosct email : [email protected] password : admin1 on field valid thru
5 hours ago

  • owner

Hi, @yulianto.saparudin ! Please see this image. The problem was that on the class .dropdown-menu was opacity: 0 and visibility: hidden. Regards, Dragos
3 hours ago

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Design Quality

Design Quality

Great product, however it would be great to see some of the functionality seen with material dashboard.

Design Quality