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Paper Dashboard

Free Bootstrap Admin Template
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44 Web Developers commented on this product

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1 month ago

The html pages aren't loading properly. None of the css files are being loaded. Why is this happening?

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@juliaannjose thank you for using our product. Please make sure you set the right paths to the CSS and JS files, as they are set in the original archive that you got. If you have a link we can have a look on it. Best, Alex!
1 month ago

  • downloaded
1 month ago

The modal doesn't appear properly in the paper dashboard, is there any hint to make it work properly?

  • downloaded

@yube.hq thank you for using our product. Please add this code: $('.modal').appendTo('body'); inside paper-dashboard.js, inside the $(document).ready(function(){ ... }); and the modals will work fine. Other option would be to place the body of the modal outside of the wrapper class. Please let us know if that was helpful. Best, Alex!
1 month ago

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19 days ago


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12 days ago


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