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Free Bootstrap 4 Angular 14 UI Template

Product description

Paper Kit 2 Angular is a free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit with pale colors, beautiful typography built for Angular 14.

All components are fully responsive and look great on every screen size. Transitions, shadows, colors, they all resemble the flow you would have using pieces of paper.

We have created Paper UI Kit kit having pastel colors and paper in mind. It feels light, fresh and easy to go through.

Paper Kit 2 Angular is using Ng Bootstrap, as core framework.

Bootstrap 4 support

Paper Kit 2 is built on top of Bootstrap 4, so it fully supports it. Most of the elements from the framework are re-designed to resemble sheets of paper and color pastels. If the are elements that we have not touched, they will gracefully fall back to the Bootstrap 4 default.


Paper Kit 2 contains some pages already designed and implemented. Here is the list with the pages available. We are also working on more example pages, that you will be able to access no matter the version you download.

Tutorial & Components

Once you download the archive, you will be able find a tutorial page inside it explaining how to start using it. You can also check the documentation online.

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Upgrade to PRO Version

Get more power with Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular. It has a lot more features compared to the free version. We hope you will create awesome websites/templates with this product!

What is in Demo? What is in PRO Version?
Elements 16 1000
Plugins 3 9
Examples Pages 3 18
Full Coded
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Premium Support

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