Vue Argon Design System

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Vue Argon Design System

Free Design System for Bootstrap 4 and Vue.js
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MIT License

Community Support
6 months Updates
Release: 6 months ago
Update: 4 days ago

26 Handcrafted Components

3 Customized Plugins

4 Example Pages

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  • downloaded
1 month ago

nice template!!!

gunta85 1 month ago

Want to be notified when the PRO version comes out :)

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hello, I'm trying to use an on click event with the login button however I am not sure how to trigger the event. For example, I've tried to add a method to the component but the base-button component does not seem to listen to events. <base-button @click="login" type="primary" class="my-4">Sign In</base-button> methods: { login: function() { this.$router.replace("home"); } } Many thanks, Charles

  • downloaded
28 days ago


  • downloaded
12 days ago

how can i match this with laravel project?

  • downloaded
4 days ago

:( I bought the vue-black-dashboard-pro but now I want the pro version of this one .... :(

  • owner

Hey @meherara We'll be creating a PRO version of Argon Dashboard and after that we'll create the PRO version of this design system. It will take a couple of weeks though
4 days ago

  • downloaded
8 hours ago

how can i change the app title?

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