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1 month ago

I have used ElementUI for a datepicker and bootstrap-vue in general in an existing SPA app. Does "Vue Light Pro" have a date-picker or woud I continue with the one I have? Also, I am thinking to use this it would be best to simply migrate my current Vue components from the existing vue-cli 3.0 solution INTO the Vue Light Pro project? Or would it be less troublesome to migrate your stuff into my project? My objective is to replace the original templated layout (upgraded to BS4 from an earlier version of BS) with barely functioning layout and nav with something better that works correctly

  • owner

Hello @brianfurlong It's rather hard to give a very concise advice in this case. The PRO version uses element-ui so you'll be fine with the datepicker, since the PRO version actually uses element ui datepickers as well. As for bootstrap-vue, it depends, some components from bootstrap-vue might not work out of the box because of the different styling they have. Depending on how much time you have, I will do an update to Vue CLI 3 (PRO version) in the following 3 weeks. If you're in a hurry I'd say that you can directly use the dashboard stuff in your Vue CLI 3 project. The things to take care of are the dependencies (not dev dependencies) and the `src` webpack alias which is present in Vue LBD PRO. If you need more details, you can open a support ticket and I'll try to give you advice on this.
1 month ago

  • downloaded
27 days ago

Hi @cristi.jora , i will like to applaud you for your great job! I ran into a problem while trying to integrate this with my laravel app.. is there any docs on how i can easily achieve this. Regards

  • owner

Hello @princeallan5 At the moment we don't have direct integration with laravel but there are some people who already did it. For example this repo
25 days ago

  • downloaded
22 days ago

@cristi.jora Thank you for your reply.. I just wanted to lazy around but i guess i will need to give it some time. I hope i could get that already made template though

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