Major Factors That Authenticate The Use Of AngularJS

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an important and trendy concept nowadays for building feature-rich single-page web applications. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that basically extends the HTML DOM with additional attributes; it helps in making the elements scalable and responsive to the users’ actions.

During recent times there has been an increase in the need to use cutting-edge technologies like AngularJS to render precise results while catering the requirements of the diverse business models. There are dozens of frameworks and programming languages available in the web development industry to meet the requirements of newbies and professionals, but AngularJS stood as a leader with full marks.


Why AngularJS is so much advantageous?

When weighing in the plus points for AngularJS, there are several characteristics that need to be marked.


Take a few moments to consider the points below:

Purely Based on JavaScript

  • AngularJS development majorly focuses on HTML and JavaScript; no other language is required.
  • Angular apps can be made with a web browser and text editor.
  • A little bit of scripting is enough to build robust Angular applications even if you are not a code wizard.


Simple and Declarative User Interfaces

  • Angular makes good use of  HTML in order to prepare your app’s interface.
  • Procedural JavaScript is not required to write out interface elements in Angular. This enables developers to easily build applications that are less likely to break.


Easy Architecture

  • The MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern followed by AngularJS makes it easy to work with scalable applications, where you need a lot of code.
  • With other frameworks, your app is broken down into MVC components and then connected together by writing all the required code. But in Angular, you are only supposed to create your own components; the framework is solely responsible for connecting and managing them.
  • The result will be a clean coded application with a nice appearance.


POJO Data Models

  • The data models at AngularJS are known as plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) with no additional functionality.
  • The code will look more intuitive and clean; it is a boon for developing web-based mobile applications.
  • Angular offers the option to embed the properties directly on the data objects as per-requisites.


Not Much Code

  • There is no need to write much code when you are creating the web-based applications with Angular.
  • Also, you have more flexibility and extensibility and the view is defined by HTML.
  • The data models can be written with ease without many additional features.
  • In the above context, data binding prevents you from manually putting data into your view by simplifying the entire process.


Directives for Extended Functionality

  • Another imperative element of Angular are the directives that allow putting extra functionality to the HTML without any hassle.
  • There can be countless elements that can be added to the HTML.
  • The entire DOM manipulation code is put into the directives which are then divided for MVC applications. In this way, the MVC updates the view with new data.


Flexible Filters

  • Filters are an important element in AngularJS for filtering the data before it actually reaches the view.
  • They are also needed to idealize the functions separated from your app.
  • A sortable HTML table can easily be created with the stand alone filters without utilizing JavaScript.


Wide Development Support

  • Angular has a neat open-source code of high quality with a strong developer community.
  • This makes it quite easy to develop web-based applications with right, light-weight and simpler code.


Unit Testing

  • In AngularJS environment, unit testing readiness is a beneficial factor that makes use of dependency injection.
  • It helps to easily manage all controllers and scopes.
  • The unit tests for Angular enable the embedding mock data inside the controller and also the measurement of the output and behavior.
  • You can test your apps by creating individual test pages.


Parallel Development

  • With AngularJS, it’s easy to work simultaneously on different parts of the application with a set of concepts (modules, services, directives, controllers and many more).
  • These useful concepts help in structuring an application in such a way that multiple developers can work together.

Bottom Line

This ever-changing environment of web applications supports only the best-in-class interactive web applications with supreme features embedded within them. AngularJS tops the list by creating full-fledged apps. Noticing the aforementioned features can add more points in favor of this framework and help the crowd choose this perfect framework for making single page applications.

Author Bio

David Meyer is an experienced AngularJS web developer at CSSChopper with an immense interest in writing. He loves to share his incredible knowledge among the interested readers in order to help them learn AngularJS development.