NFTs Weekly News #19 - Ecosystem: Automobili Lamborghini launches the "Epic Road Trip" collection

Welcome to our article about the latest news in the world of NFTs and crypto. We will be covering some of the most exciting and important developments in the industry, including updates on NFT Bucharest, new partnerships between Johan Cruyff Institute and Zetly, as well as news about exciting new projects such as DRESSX and Metalink.

Read below to stay up-to-date with the latest NFTs news.


📈 Macro - NFT Cluj?!;
🗞️ Last week's news - TwelveFolds, nft now, Rug Radio, NFT Bucharest;
💰 Investments/Financing - DressX, Metalink;
📣 Projects news/Updates - Goblintown, Lamborghini;
⚖️ Legal – Our Lawyer writes about Chat GPT4 who passed the bar exam. He also got the opinion of his fellow lawyers: Ana-Maria Udriște, Sergiu Vasilescu & Marius Stanciu;
⚒️Tools - NFTScan;
🐈 Veefriends - Burn Island erupts again;
⚙️ NFTility - BFF Friendship Bracelets;
📚 Dictionary - Limited edition & Open edition;
💸 Sale of the week – Still Fidenza. Still over half a $million;

📈 Macro

For big things to happen (yes, the NFT Bucharest main event we mean), micro stuff needs to keep piling up. Just a little more and we'll tell you concretely if what we're preparing behind the scenes will materialize. It's not a promise, but, based on the feedback after the NFT Bucharest Warm Up, we're seriously considering another Warm Up. Let's say we can use NFT Cluj as a code name, sometime in May. If you're from Cluj, nearby or would be open to attending NFT Cluj in May sometime, stay tuned.

🗞️ News from last week

  • schmigge figge, the artist behind TwelveFolds, the collection of NFTs launched by Yuga Labs with the help of Bitcoin Ordinals, reveals plans for the future. They look really cool and seem to be grounds for second thoughts for those who underestimated Yuga Labs and made fun of them.
  • Zetly and Johan Cruyff Institute announce a partnership to promote education in Sports Business. The collaboration aims to educate and bring valuable new perspectives to the sports industry, promoting innovation (Web3) and progress for all athletes, sports partners, organizations, and students.
  • The folks at nft now have announced that they are launching their own collection of NFTs, Now Pass. There will be 2750 pieces, 0.25 ETH/piece and minting starts on Thursday, March 23, phase 1 at 16:00 and phase 2 at 20:00 for those on the allowlist. Phase 3 begins Friday, March 24 at 15:00, subject to stock availability.
  • Rug Radio, founded by Farokh, partners with Sorare & Sorare NBA and launches a new educational vertical around sports. Sorare is the most popular fantasy sport, free-to-play, using officially licensed NFTs from the Premier League, NBA, and MLB. Nicolas Julia, Sorare's CEO, recently said he wants Sorare to become the world's largest sports entertainment brand.
rug radio
  • Beeple has released an after-movie from the opening of its studio, Beeple Studio. As well as impersonators of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Kim Jong-un, the event included printers hidden in the ceiling, from which airdrops literally fell.

  • NFT Bucharest has not published an after-movie, but Two. That's how it is when you're younger. You brag more. Plus, although there were no printers with airdrops from the ceiling, Romanian Post did airdrop postcards to the addresses you filled in on the back of the artwork created by Tammy Lovin and Maria Raluca. Of course, if you ask us nicely, maybe we'll put Beeple in touch with the Romanian Post too!

nft bucharest
  • Also, if you left your MultiversX wallet at check-in, you might want to check it. The NFT, also created by Tammy Lovin, has been sent. And it looks TOP. TOP TOP. Not only is it video, but it has sound and is created by Tammy using AI. Plus, NFT Bucharest was the first major event in the world to submit an NFT ticket created on the MultiversX infrastructure. And yes, we know it was sent to X Day too. Only in the case of X Day we are talking about an event dedicated to the infrastructure project itself, not the ecosystem in general. And sure, it was still called Elrond.

💰 Investments / Financing

  • DRESSX, a fashion-focused technology company, has announced a $15 million Series A. Launching in August 2020, DRESSX has become the largest digital-only fashion platform with 3500+ digital items that can be worn in AR, social media, video calls, and on avatars in Decentraland and Ready Player Me.

  • Metalink has announced the launch of a new app. It also announced a previously undisclosed $6 million round backed by Guy Oseary, MoonPay CEO Gary Vee and Sandbox founder & COO Sebastien Borget. Metalink aims to be the first mobile platform where NFT collectors can talk to each other or track/trade NFTs. No Discord, Telegram and/or Twitter.

📣 Projects news / Updates

  • Goblintown officially partners with Delabs Games! Soon, players will be able to compete and sabotage other players using their favorite Goblintown PFPs. The Rumble Racing Star game promises to unite Web2 and Web3 players and other PFP projects.

  • Automobili Lamborghini concludes its 8-month NFT campaign with the launch of the "Epic Road Trip" collection, offering owners access to VIP tours, insights into the new model and other surprises. The collection will be available from 20-23 March. To educate the public about Web3, a commemorative NFT will be offered to all who visit the showrooms and attend events.

lamborghini nft
  • Global art platform LiveArt, powered by Animoca Brands, Binance Labs and KuCoin Labs, will launch new digital art collections from some of the world's leading fine artists.
liveart platform nft

GPT-4 passed the bar exam!

Disclaimer: Today's Legal MetaVerse is longer, because not one but 4 (four) lawyers contributed!

GPT, GPT, GPT. If in 2021 the word of the year was NFT, in 2022 Web3, the undersigned declares GPT the word of the year 2023 (the acronym of the year, to be rigorous🤓).

CHICAGO, March 15, 2023. GPT-4, the new multimodal Deep Learning model created by OpenAI, has passed the bar! A historic moment, considering the 60 - 65% promotability rate in the US. In our country, the situation is tragic, with 75% of the candidates being rejected (let's see GPT-4 how he does with our bar exam 🤐).

Daniel Martin Katz, professor of law at Illinois Tech's Chicago - Kent College of Law, demonstrates that OpenAI's latest Deep Learning model excels in complex legal reasoning and has profound implications for the legal system.

A graph shows the evolution of GPT models taking the bar exam, with GPT-4 passing and exceeding the human average.

gpt models progression

"GPT-4 represents a new frontier in terms of the role of AI in the legal profession and society at large," says Katz. "The bar exam is an exciting test for AI to pass because it highlights the prospect of such technology becoming a 'force multiplier' that expands access to legal services for all members of society, including those who previously could not afford to hire a lawyer."

GPT-4 scored 75% on the bar exam, higher than the 68% average and good enough to place in the top 10% of candidates!

"Lawyers need to figure out how to really use these tools. And for those who do, it will be a very positive thing. We're on the dawn of a major increase in potential capacity," Katz says. "These are tools that allow you to do your job more efficiently, so you have to learn how to use them to maximum efficiency."

gpt4 passed bar exam
Source: snapshot research paper

That's what I say: lawyer + GPT > lawyer.

But let's see what my colleagues have to say on the subject:

▪️"The fact that GPT is able to pass an entrance exam to the legal profession should not scare us, on the contrary. It teaches us to become better.

We now realize what we've known for a long time: advocacy is not about memorizing thousands of pages that you find a click away, but about implementing strategies and finding solutions.

▪️"It is important to understand that generative AI can indeed generate useful and relevant responses and perform complex human language processing tasks. More importantly, we need to understand that while they can answer questions on various legal topics, such systems cannot provide qualified advice. The capabilities of ChatGPT depend very much on the information requested by the user and the data it has processed. I believe that the public and users need to be constantly reminded that we are talking about a computer program and that important decisions (e.g. medical, legal, financial, etc.) should come from human, licensed professionals." Marius Stanciu, Partner Lawyer @Buju, Stanciu & Asociații.

▪️"GPT-4 is a sensational tool that we have been using for a long time and we are involved in the testing environment in several international projects based on AI or extensions of GPT-4. However, we appreciate that the technology is still at an early stage where it is not capable of meeting the demands of litigation. The course of litigation involves going through strict procedural steps both in terms of when and how certain rights of represented persons can be exercised. From this perspective, I believe that GPT-4 is still at an early stage that cannot ensure the protection of clients because of the limitations given both by the way information is correlated and by the amount and timeliness of the information held." Sergiu T. Vasilescu, Managing Partner @VD Law Group).

⚒️ Tools: NFTScan is a multi-chain NFT data infrastructure that provides various services to Web3 users, developers, and companies.

One of the key features of NFTScan is the NFT Explorer, which allows users to search and query NFT information in multiple dimensions, such as in the NFT Collection, NFT Contract, Wallet Address and NFT TxHash. This helps you find the NFTs you are interested in and get detailed information about them.

If you're a Web3 developer you might be interested in NFTScan's OpenAPI platform, which provides access to the entire NFT dataset on 12 different blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Moonbeam, Solana and Arbitrum. You can use this platform to build your own NFT-related projects and applications.

For those interested in analyzing NFT data, NFTScan also offers NFT Analytics, a free global visual analytics feature that allows users to analyze on-chain NFT data and make informed investment decisions. In the NFT Analytics area, you can find pages such as Trending, Discover, Tracker, and TopHolder.

Another product offered by NFTScan is the NFT Portfolio; a control panel that allows users to manage their NFT assets across multiple wallet addresses. Like other similar platforms, it offers users tracking of NFT investments and monitoring of their performance.

For what it offers and the fact that the functionality is offered for free makes NFTScan a must-have tool, whether you're just starting out or have some experience in the NFT world.

🐈‍⬛ Veefriends

Role holders on the VeeFriends Discord server will reset on March 24, to keep the role, you need to have your Discord profile logged into your VeeFriends account, whether you hold a BookGame, VeeCon ticket, or Series 1 or 2 NFTs.

Burn Island erupts again, Eruption #2 is live until March 24, and the prizes are 3 NFTs from Snowfro's Chromie Squiggle collection. This time the rules have changed, those with a ticket to Veecon 2022 and Book Games are eligible, and entrants must bid on BookGames, the top 3 places with the most BookGames bid will burn the NFTs and receive a Squiggle in return, which hasn't been minted yet! The collection floor price is at 11 ETH at the moment. Those who rank below the top 3 places get their locked tokens back.

VeeCon 2023 announces another +50 guests on stage. Artists, founders, investors, web3 enthusiasts will be in Indianapolis for 4 days at a mega event. Tickets are available on OS, priced slightly above the current 2022 ticket price. Veecon 2022 tickets are eligible for access to Gary's joint project with Snoop Dogg, which we still don't know when it will launch.

nft game

⚙️ NFTility

Sometimes we all realize that a lot of the things we do are influenced by stereotypes. That's why we often find ourselves in situations where we are discriminated against or unintentionally discriminate against.

The need for education in this regard is acute. Programs to tackle inequality of many kinds are being implemented internationally, but it is a cumbersome process that can take generations.

One of the 3 major social categories we refer to is gender, where we see the need to adjust the opportunity gap between women and men.

Brit Morin and Jamie Schmid understood this and laid the groundwork for what became BFF; an inclusive space where women, non-binary people and anyone who resonates with their mission are invited to experiment and build in web3, together.

The BFF Friendship Bracelets collection is the first launched by the team, and in addition to proof of community membership, it is to prioritize future collections launched in partnership with emerging artists (such as You by BFF), as well as a number of virtual and IRL benefits.

Through the partnerships, it links (like this one), the quality content and consistency with which it's delivered, the networking opportunities and the personalities that promote it, BFF can become one of the cornerstone projects in building a new iteration of the internet.

If you liked the content or if you know someone who could benefit from being part of an inclusive environment, you can take a look (also) at the work Roxy Pistolea is doing through See here what a deployment of forces looks like (credit NFT Bucharest Photo Gallery).

Until next time, I wish you to start (or continue) to pay attention to the needs of those around you.

partnership nft

📚 Dictionary

  • limited edition. A limited edition is a collection of NFTs for which there is a finite number of NFTs available to be minted. Most collections number 10k editions. We'll most likely be laughing about this in a few years!

  • open edition. An open edition is a collection of NFTs for which an (almost) unlimited number of NFTs can be minted. Almost unlimited because it is not good to confuse "open" with "unlimited". Because most open editions are only available for minting for certain time windows. For example 24-48 hours.

💸 Sale of the week

Although the value of NFTs has been on average down over the last 2 weeks by 15-20%, it has still found half a $million for a Fidenza.

expensive nft

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