NFTs Weekly News #60- Entertainment: Free NFTs for Amazon Prime subscribers

The world of NFTs continues to expand and evolve at a rapid pace, with brands, celebrities, and individuals alike exploring the potential of this new technology. Last week, we found out that Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free NFTs and in-game coins for the Mojo Melee game available on Polygon.

Interested to see how this happened? Check out below!


🗽Brands/Celebrities - Etihad Airways, Amazon Prime, The Sandbox, Ralph Lauren, Gala Films, Cirque du Soleil, LG Electronics;
🎵 Music NFTs - Vault Music, Anotherblock;
⚽Sports NFTs - Kraken, Hurley, Sorare, Game4Ukraine;
🤖AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI;
🤣Meme of the week - Bear market.

🗽 Brands / Celebrities

  • Etihad Airways is launching the Web3 staking-for-miles Horizon Club loyalty program that allows holders to stake their NFTs to earn miles.
  • Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free NFTs and in-game coins for the Mojo Melee game available on Polygon.
  • NFT Elvis Presley avatars will be available for purchase in The Sandbox on August 9. The 3,000 avatars will be divided into four levels of rarity and each will cost 100 $SAND. Link to the allowlist here.
elvis nfts
  • Ralph Lauren has launched the Polo P-Wing Boot, physical footwear inspired by a digital wearable sold in the Fortnite game the previous year.
  • Gala Film has chosen the winners of a giveaway to become animated characters in the Ghost of Ruins series.
  • Cirque du Soleil is launching a metaverse experience on Roblox called Cirque du Soleil Tycoon. Roblox users can build and manage their own Big Top show, unlocking various moments of the show.
  • LG Electronics is working with Mallconomy to enable users to access the Malconomy metaverse on LG SmartOS TVs.

🎵 Music NFTs

  • Vault Music, reintroduces Cassette Culture using blockchain technology to store and distribute exclusive live albums by independent musicians in New York City.
cassette culture
  • Anotherblock teams up with Base and Coinbase for their season finale and brings music to the blockchain with some of the most respected artists in the space.

⚽ Sport NFTs

  • We also wrote in the previous posts about the partnership between Kraken and Williams Racing. NFT owners have the chance to display their digital artwork on F1 cars at the Austin Grand Prix. Submissions due August 18, 11:59 p.m. ET. Conditions here.
  • Hurley, the extreme sports brand enters Web3 and launches NFTs and the Hurley Super Surfer™ game, available September 29.
  • Since 2 August, Sorare has introduced Cash Wallet for fiat digital card transactions.
  • Game4Ukraine, a charity football match announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, took place this weekend in the metaverse to raise funds for Ukraine.
game ukraine


Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's one I used the same Midjourney and the following words: "Transform the concept of a baby dino::6 into a creative numerical masterpiece. Use a combination of digits, numbers, and mathematical symbols to craft an endearing image that captures the essence of a playful::6 and adorable dinosaur::10, --q5, --chaos90".

midjourney ai art

🤣 Meme of the week

nft meme

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