NFTs Weekly News #66- Entertainment: Mercedes Benz launches NFT NXT Icons

The world of NFTs continues to expand and evolve at a rapid pace, with brands, celebrities, and individuals alike exploring the potential of this new technology. Last week, we found out that Mercedes Benz has announced the launch of the NFT NXT Icons collection on 5 September, a collection of digital reinterpretations of iconic Mercedes models.

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🗽Brands/Celebrities - DBS Bank, Mercedes Benz, SnoopDogg Passport, Volaris, ONE Store, Gala Games;
🎵 Music NFTs - Agoria Music, Earl Sweatshirt, Blackpink;
⚽Sports NFTs - Paris 2024 Olympics, NFL Rivals, FIBA, NFL All Day, Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix;
🤖AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI;
🤣Meme of the week - gm back

🗽 Brands / Celebrities

  • DBS Bank, Singapore's largest bank is partnering with The Sandbox to introduce a metaverse experience aimed at reducing food waste.
metaverse experience
  • Mercedes Benz has announced the launch of the NFT NXT Icons collection on 5 September, a collection of digital reinterpretations of iconic Mercedes models. There will be 7 eras of 2,700 NFTs each, and owners of the first NFT Machine collection receive 1 free Mint Pass token.
  • SnoopDogg Passport Holders received 3 artworks via airdrop on August 28. SnoopDogg Passport is the first collection to evolve with each venue the artist tours. Pretty cool, right?
  • Volaris, a Mexican airline, joins ALL Nippon Airways, AirBaltic, Qatar and Etihad Airway and integrates NFTs offering benefits such as an annual pass for unlimited flights.
  • ONE Store, a successful app store in Korea, is collaborating with Polygon Labs to support web3 games and dApps for its upcoming global launch.
  • Gala Games and Uniflow announce the launch of Champions Arena, an RPG (Role Playing Games) that allows players to collect over 100 NFT Champions and various NFT items.

🎵 Music NFTs

  • Agoria Music collaborates with The Sandbox for the AGORIANS Avatar Collection to release Web3 avatars that change appearance depending on the time of day.
agoria music web3
  • Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist have released a new NFT music album on Gala Music, a decentralized streaming platform. During their last tour, Earl Sweatshirt used QR codes that fans scanned and received a free limited edition NFT for one of the album's songs.
  • K-Pop stars Blackpink are launching a metaverse experience on Roblox and giving fans an interactive space to celebrate their music and recreate their familiar choreography.

⚽ Sport NFTs

  • In a report sent to the Prime Minister's Office, Michel Cadot, the French government's Olympic ambassador, recommends the use of NFT tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
  • NFL Rivals now allows the purchase of NFTs on iOS and Android devices, a feature previously limited to Mythical Games' web marketplace.
  • FIBA and Venly have released their first 'Mementos' NFTs for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, available on Polygon. These can be collected by fans throughout the tournament here.
  • NFL All Day has introduced Dynamic Player Moments, allowing fans to collect players and watch them perform throughout the season.
nft all day
  • Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix presents a new fan interaction experience involving digital collectibles, for example, digital segments of the Zandvoort circuit, making them symbolic co-owners of the circuit during the race weekend.

🤖 AI Art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's one we used the same Midjourney and the following words: A vibrant lightbulb::10 sprouts roots, intertwining with golden energy streams that nurture growth, echoing nature's harmony::4. Leaves bloom, embodying flourishing knowledge. A lush canopy emerges, depicting diverse progress avenues, uniting illumination and nature's boundless potential, --q5, --chaos100

ai art midjourney

🤣 Meme of the week

don't be rude. gm back!

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