NFTs Weekly News #8 - Entertainment: eBay plans to hire Web 3 Staff

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šŸ—½ Brands/Celebrities - eBay hires Web3 staff, Satvik Sethi leaves Mastercard;
šŸŽµ Music NFTs - MEANiX is cooking up something in Amsterdam, Snoop Dog's first Open Edition collection;
āš½ Sports NFTs - NBA, NFL, Reddit, Borussia Dortmund;
šŸ¤– AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI;
šŸ¤£ Meme of the week - gm investors!

šŸ—½ Brands / Celebrities

  • EBay plans to hire Web3 staff for KnownOrigin, the NFT Marketplace they bought last year. To imagine the possible impact, it's important to consider that eBay has 135 million customers worldwide.

  • Satvik Sethi, Mastercard's NFT Product Lead has resigned, citing harassment and emotional distress at the company among the reasons. In true Web3 style, Sethi offered his resignation as NFT. Entitled "New Beginnings", the tokenized letter can be minted. "If you want to support me, you can mint my resignation for 0.023 ETH. A piece of my personal history." Satvik also announced an art airdrop for holders in the future as a thank-you. He has so far raised almost 3 ETH from 123 mint wallets.

mint resignation

šŸŽµ Music NFTs

  • MEANiX has cooked up a really cool initiative. He wants to organize an event in Amsterdam with the aim of launching Amsterdam's first web3 virtual music artist. Good luck, youngster! And good job!

  • Snoop Dog has released his first Open Edition collection. Track XYZ. An NFT music on It was available for 72 hours for $8/piece. It minted 10498 pcs and raised 44 ETH. Around $72k.

snoop dog nfts

āš½ Sport NFTs

  • The NBA has expanded its partnership with Meta to broadcast basketball games in the Metaverse. 52 NBA games will be available on XTADIUM, 5 of which will be on Horizon Worlds - Meta/Facebook's flagship Metaverse.

  • Islamabad United (a Pakistani professional cricket team) enters the Metaverse. It builds the world's first virtual stadium in Decentraland. Fans will be able to get closer to the team than ever before through a series of interactive experiences and challenges.

  • xG Studios is releasing some commemorative NFTs for Hillto Football Club players.

  • Limit Break is gearing up for the minting of the Digi Daigaku Dragon NFTs collection during Super Bowl 2023. The mint will take place via a QR code displayed on the screen during one of the commercial breaks. To understand the scope we tell you this: Limit Break paid $6.5 million for a 30-second commercial.

  • NFL announces first virtual Super Bowl concert. The concert will be free and will launch on Friday, February 10,th and will be available to Roblox users.

super bowl concert
  • Looks like Reddit has something in store for the Super Bowl, too. Everybody is preparing for the biggest event in American sports!

  • Borussia Dortmund has announced a partnership with FlipFam. An app where you can bet on picks and play trivia to get officially licensed collectibles! NFTs you mean?!

flipfap collectibles

šŸ¤– AI Art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's one we used the same Midjourney and the following words: "nft bucharest conference, futuristic venue, lots of people, speaker on stage"

nft bucharest conference

šŸ¤£ Meme of the week

gm, investors!

nft meme

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