NFTs Weekly News #9 - Ecosystem: Another house sold as an NFT

Are you ready for some NFTs news?

We've prepared a new article that covers the latest news and updates in the world of Web3 and NFTs. Some of the topics present ANAF's brochure for trading NFTs and the news from Yuga Labs and ZenAcademy. The article also delves into the topic of Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs and how the Web3 space is evolving so rapidly that missing a trend could cost you millions.

Read on to see all the news we've prepared!


πŸ“ˆ Macro - Ordinals & Bitcoin NFTs;
πŸ—žοΈ Last week's news - NFTs brochure from ANAF (Romanian IRS), App from FWB, House sold as NFT, Countries that love/hate the Metaverse;
πŸ’° Investments/Financing - Collector Crypt seed round;
πŸ“£ Projects news/Updates - NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, about MultiversX, ZenAcademy, Yuga Labs;
βš–οΈ Legal - Yuga Labs Inc. trial;
βš’οΈ Tools -;
🐈 Veefriends, by FreeFly - Basketball and Podcast with Gary;
βš™οΈ NFTility, by Mtk - Musical NFTs;
❎ nftX, by Alex CΔƒlin - uPark ;
πŸ“š Dictionary - Soulbound Token, Satoshis;
πŸ’Έ Sale of the week - Punk #5066;

πŸ“ˆ Macro

For today's macro section, we wanted to tell you about Ordinals & Bitcoin NFTs. Even though all of Twitter is buzzing about this topic, whoever wanted to find details so far, found them. For anyone just taking their first steps in the NFT journey, Bitcoin NFTs are so early days that there's still enough ground to be covered to make them safe to use that the topic can wait a few more weeks. If you still want to get going on the thread, here and here are 2 good articles to get you started.

Talking about Ordinals, we realized (again), just how early this whole space is and how connected it keeps you 24/7. Because so much can happen in 24 hours that a narrative can become mainstream and life-changing.

Of course, most of us when we say life-changing, think in the positive sense. Like when we say surprise. It makes sense that the surprise should be a pleasant one. But unfortunately, surprises can be unpleasant too!

We wrote in the last posts about the medical situation of Gordo, one of Yuga Labs & Bored Ape Yacht Club co-founders. In an open letter you may find on Coindesk, he contradicts all the accusations against them and the BAYC project about the imaginary association with Nazis, Hitler & so on.

But more importantly, it's the beginning of the letter. Gordo writes again about his illness: heart failure. He learned that it usually means a person has a 50% chance of living for another five years, and besides finding the best cardiologist in the world, it's time to radically change his life.

12 hours a day for two years in a row behind a computer screen + lots of coffee. All to stay on top of everything that's happening in Web3 and to keep leading the way and stay relevant. And yet, something like Ordinals comes along and makes you think you've missed the trend. In 24 hours!

Back to Greg, aside from the company valuation ($4-5 billion), just think of the 20 million $APE he is entitled to (each co-founder has 2% of the total $1 billion $APE supply). We're talking $100 million at today's value. The question isn't whether it's worth it, because it’s clear. The question is what do we do to get there? Let's start with Sunday's walk in nature! And then let's end up doing it every day!

πŸ—žοΈ News from last week

  • ANAF (the Romanian IRS) published its brochure for "trading non-fungible tokens''. How about we all go first thing in the morning and ask for the brochure? What do we say when we ask for it? "gm, frens. I want the NFTs brochure too. What do you mean, what are those? Non-fungible tokens. It says here, in the It's NFTime newsletter, that you, ANAF frens, have published the 2023 brochure. Ah, you don't know what frens are? Subscribe to the newsletter! You’ll find the link to your brochure too!”

  • FWB (Friends With Benefits) is launching a new social app for community members.

  • Another house sold as an NFT, the second from Roofstock, a real estate technology company focused on selling single-family rental homes. The on-chain sale took place through Roofstock onChain (ROC), its Web3 subsidiary, and the property sold for $180k on an NFT marketplace built by Origin Protocol.

  • What would the list of countries that love/hate the Metaverse look like? A recent analysis of over 1.6 million tweets by CoinKickoff shows the Metaverse's love/hate split by country, with Vietnam being the most in love with the concept and Ireland at the opposite end of the spectrum.

list of the countries in favor and against the metaverse

πŸ’° Investments / Financing

Collector Crypt has completed its seed round, securing investment from GSR, Big Brain Holdings, FunFair Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Master Ventures Investment Management, StarLaunch, and Telos. The physical collectibles market is worth $402 billion. Collector Crypt is a start-up that aims to bring this market to the Web3 space.

πŸ“£ Projects news / Updates

  • Didn't know what to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? BLUR frens saves you. On February 14th at 19:00 (UTC+2), you were be able to open the packages and see the surprise inside. Depending on the seeds planted we'll see what harvest we collect. The first marketplace to announce the listing of the $BLUR token was Coinbase. BEWARE what you click on: when more people gather, it becomes easier for scammers to do their job!

  • The creators of OnChainMonkey used Ordinals to "bookmark" the entire collection (10K) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Subsequent to this announcement the floor price nearly tripled.

  • On the same model, Frank from DeGods announces that the 535 NFTs that were burned a year ago are now ready to mint, in a single block, on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Yuga Labs has released new images showing a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Otherside media creation process.

otherside media creation process
  • Anyone looking for a part-time job? Or full-time? See here what NF-Tim frens have prepared! From Social Media Manager to Web Designer. From $500/month to $10k/month. If you're sitting with your nose in Web3 all day anyway, why not get paid for it? 🧠😎

  • ZenAcademy has opened up the mint process for StudentIDs, in the form of SBTs (SoulBound Tokens). They are free, with unlimited supply, and open forever. Whoever mints one in the first 33 days will receive a special Genesis stamp. Did you mint yours? All the details here.

zen academy

Trials, trials, and more trials. What a delight! Yuga Labs Inc. is facing opposition to their application to register 10 different trademarks for the Bored Ape Yacht Club brand at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This time it is no longer the infamous Ryder Ripps, one of the founders of RRBAYC (Ryder Ripps Bored Ape Yacht Club), but the other co-founder of RRBAYC, Jeremy Cahen.

On February 9, 2023, Jeremy filed an opposition to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Before The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, seeking to block the approval of trademark applications filed by the famous Yuga Labs company.

Jeremy Cahen, along with Ryder Ripps, is currently facing a trademark lawsuit brought by Yuga Labs for allegedly selling copied NFTs (RRBAYC), claimed that Yuga Labs waived its trademark rights by granting a broad license of intellectual property to purchasers of Bored Ape NFTs. Yuga Labs must file a response to the opposition by March 21, 2023.

We're following the whole monkey business (pun intended) with interest and will be back with updates.

legal nfts

P.S. The Metaversed lawyer has his own entity. Not yet in the Metaverse, but currently on Twitter. Give him a follow he'll write more legal Metaversets like these one! No pressure, Lawyer!

βš’οΈ Tools

Today, we introduce you to a cool portfolio web3 app called If you are a person who loves to collect NFTs and want to show them to the world, then this tool might appeal to you.

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet and is about decentralization, ownership, and privacy. In simpler terms, it means you have total control over your data, assets, and identity online.

Now, let's talk about This app is designed to help you create a personalized portfolio of your NFTs. It's easy to use and has a clean design that presents your NFTs in the best possible way.

To access the app and change your profile you need to connect your Ethereum wallet to You can also add social media links or other important links to your wallet so people can connect with you and follow your journey.

If you own an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain then the link to your portfolio page will look like this:

Some interesting features of

  • allows you to add pinned NFTs, and they will appear at the top of the list;
  • add notes, called Collector's Notes, to your NFTs and they will appear on the NFT page;
  • POAPs collected using the application also appear in your profile. is a cool tool for anyone who wants to showcase their NFTs and social media links in a nice way. It's easy to use and provides a quick way to share your digital assets with the world.

🐈 Veefriends

It's been an intense week on VeeFriends land, literally! V1: Butterfly Basketball token holders had the opportunity to play a 5-5 basketball game with GaryVee and a few special guests like Ryan Hardwood (CEO - Gallery Media Group), Matt James (The Bachelor) and Alex Toussaint (Puma athlete/Peloton).

In a recent podcast, we learn from Gary and Anthony Sartor what the next real use of NFTs will be. Anthony had the opportunity to chat with Gary as he owned the V1 Podcast Panther token. This token offered the right to an annual podcast with Gary for two calendar years. Last week was the last time when Panther holders could benefit from this type of utility.
Tickets for VeeCon 2023 are due to be transferred to V1 holders by the end of March.
Gary is most likely planning a surprise for us this week, around Wednesday or maybe Thursday!


βš™οΈ NFTility

Hi! Last week we talked about a project that wants to connect traditional art to the blockchain and digital art to traditional consumers.

Today we're talking about musical NFTs. Through them, independent (indie) artists can create their own vehicles to promote their work and connect directly with fans.

One such artist is Rae Isla, an independent singer-songwriter of alternative folk-pop that she calls, in her characteristic way, "ether pop".

The Rae Isla's Rocks collection has a very interactive benefit system, based on a combination of the number of tokens held and the traits associated with each token. Thus:

  • Holders of a "stone" are treated to a weekly concert in the artist's living room, broadcast on Zoom. Often, viewers have the opportunity to participate in the concert with their own creations.
  • Owning two stones gives the opportunity to take part in live concerts. On February 5th, the artist performed for the first time (also) in hologram form.
  • Owning 3 different music tracks from the collection, come bundled with an airdrop that offers 3 free mints from the artist's next collection.
  • 5 different frames or "Star/Golden Hand" features come with vinyl in physical form, and "Lunar & Star" features offer discounts on the band's merchandise.
  • Owning 9 "hands" provides the opportunity to be part of the project's "secret council", with whom Rae has weekly brainstorming and creative meetings.

As I was writing this article, I had the feeling that we were living in a revolutionary moment, similar to the interwar period when music capture and delivery technologies forever changed the way music would be consumed.

Until next time, all the best (music)!

nft hologram

❎ nftX

uPark is one of the IRL utility projects built on the MultiversX network and wants to use blockchain and NFTs in a new business model. In short, it aims to be a mobile parking reservation solution, used across Europe and help users save time, fuel, and nerves.

The most interesting part? Each NFT holder will earn, depending on the rarity of the NFT, a percentage of the revenue earned from the respective parking space, as well as from any advertising space rentals on that parking lot.

So far, all 1888 NFTs in the GENESIS (UGP) collection have been minted and will be exchanged for NFTs from future collections, which will have associated real parking places divided by category, according to rarity and the 4 European areas in which they are located. The team has already won the right to operate 3000 parking spaces in the center of Warsaw and plans to partner in 2 more cities this year (possibly Copenhagen and Bucharest), with uPark to be present in 50 cities (including Berlin and London) by 2026. The whitepaper can be read here, so DYOR.

So far uPark has partnered with Combased, one of the most serious projects in MultiversX, and Xfaang, who is building the mobile parking reservation app.

upark genesis passes

πŸ“š Dictionary

  • SBT, Soulbound Token - We're talking about non-transferable, "soulbound" NFTs; once you've minted or received one, it will always be tied to your wallet and identity. They cannot be sold or transferred to another person/wallet. It could be diplomas, medical records, IDs, etc. But it could also be used in a negative sense. It could be issued by an authoritarian state that can put a label on you so it can destroy your reputation. The name was invented after the game World of Warcraft and became mainstream after it was brought to life by Vitelik Buterin.

  • Sats/Satoshis - Each Bitcoin is divided into 100,000,000 units called satoshis (or sats). Admit it, you weren't sure there were 100 million sats in a Bitcoin. We all happened to think it was 1 million. 10 at the most!

πŸ’Έ Sale of the week

This week's sale comes from one of the 88 Zombie Punks. Number #5066 was purchased for 857 ETH ($1.4 million)!

zombie punks

But today we're doubling the post. Because it would be a shame to miss the "monkey picture". Number #7090. It was owned by j1mmy.eth before it was bought for 800 ETH. Over $1.3 million. It's all gold and has a rainbow in its teeth + heart glasses.

monkey nft

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