NFTs Weekly News #10 - Entertainment: Europe's largest museum of modern art will exhibit NFTs

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Our NFTs Weekly News Series has just released a brand-new article that covers the latest developments in the world of celebrity, music, sports, and art NFTs. Read on to discover all the juicy details and stay up-to-date with the hottest trends in the NFTs market.


šŸ—½ Brands/Celebrities - Centre Pompidou, Paris Hilton dating in Metaverse, Shopify integration with ENS;
šŸŽµ Music NFTs - Royalties from Rihanna's song, Sound distributes ETH to curators;
āš½ Sports NFTs - Coinbase, Reddit;
šŸ¤– AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI;
šŸ¤£ Meme of the week - Did you say gm today?

šŸ—½ Brands / Celebrities

  • The Centre Pompidou, Europe's largest museum of modern art (Paris), will exhibit NFTs from Punks or Autoglyphs collections in its first NFT-focused exhibition.

  • Saudi Arabia signs a memorandum of collaboration on issues around Metaverse with Sandbox. Don't forget, Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of Sandbox will be in Timisoara on March 2nd! Get in line for the POAP!

  • Walmart-owned Sam's Club has filed a trademark application for its own name and logo, mentioning plans for Web3 initiatives. Obviously, NFTs & Metaverse are on the list!

  • Paris Hilton has launched her own dating experience in the Metaverse. It's called "Parisland" and exists inside Sandbox. Starting yesterday, players who enter Parisland will be able to virtually meet five other players, complete quests, and then choose a partner.

  • Shopify announces integration with ENS. Basically, you'll be able to connect to the platform with your ENS wallet. That's incredibly bullish! A giant is promoting Web2 access using Web3. How big is the giant? 450 million people placed an order on Shopify in 2021 and the orders processed were worth $80 billion. SIWE (the Ethereum Connection Protocol) essentially allows secure user authentication and authentication of Ethereum accounts and ENS domains without providing private identifiers (names, phone numbers, and residential addresses) to third parties. Merchants can easily create token-based applications and using NFTs can offer exclusive discounts and benefits to customers. Just think about what it will be like to log in with your wallet in the future on Amazon.

šŸŽµ Music NFTs

  • Rihanna's song "Bitch Better Have My Money" has been played 673 million times. On Spotify alone! NFT owners will receive royalties for streaming the song. What, which NFTs? On February 9, 300 NFTs were minted, priced at $210/piece. Each NFT will earn owners 0.0033% of future royalties earned through digital streaming. Payments start on February 16th.

  • Sound presents a new way for curators to earn ETH when they share songs.

āš½ Sport NFTs

  • Last year, Coinbase was in the spotlight when they used their allocated 30 seconds during the Super Bowl with a simple QR code that redirected 60 million people to their platform. We're talking about a pretty good cost/click ratio, and marketers around the world have pointed to it as an incredibly simple but effective campaign.

  • This year there were very few crypto ads visible. Instead, NFTs have been mainstream, starting with DigiDaigaku. Like Coinbase, they used a QR code to drive people to a specific location. Give 30 seconds out of your day to watch the commercial that Limit Break paid $6-7 million to promote during the Super Bowl. The general feeling was that the commercial was a failure, it didn't get that much attention. But it looks like there's more to come.

  • Instead, Reddit has allowed users to customize their profiles with avatars, and to date, nearly 10 million have been minted. Their last partnership with the NFL for the Super Bowl was a slightly more clear success, with 1.3 million people minting NFL Reddit avatars.

reddit nfts

šŸ¤– AI Art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's one, we used the same Midjourney and the following words: "valentine's day in the metaverse, couples, hearts in the sky, cinematic, particles, light rays, 8k"

šŸ¤£ Meme of the week

Did you say gm today? Okay, how many times?

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