NFTs Weekly News #4 - Entertainment: Canon Trademark App for NFTs, the first Metaverse horse racing event

Are you an NFT fan? Get the latest scoop on the hottest topics in the world of celebrities, music, sports, and art!

In this article, you'll find the most up-to-date news on NFTs, from the latest celebrity drops to innovative projects from sports teams and artists. Get ready for an in-depth look into the world of NFTs!


🗽 Brands/Celebrities - - Canon, L'Oreal;
🎵 Music NFTs - Sound open editions, PaL;
⚽ Sports NFTs - Dubai, Portugal League, FISU;
🤖 AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI;
🤣 Meme of the week - Gm legacy?

🗽 Brands / Celebrities

  • Canon, the digital image giant, last week filed a trademark application for a marketplace of NFTs. It's not its first Web3 attempt. The company previously partnered with Immutable Image to launch a collection of NFTs. "Canon Legends" on Solana.

  • NYX, L'Oréal's makeup brand will finally launch its online beauty "incubator" in the form of a DAO called GORJS (read "gorgeous"). There will be 1k Ethereum NFTs named "FKWME Pass". The launch will be on February 1, priced at 0.19 ETH/piece. Hopefully, lessons will be learned from Porsche!

🎵 Music NFTs

  • Sound introduces open editions. You can mint as many editions of a track as you like in a specified time frame. No FOMO of gas war, no fear of having an instant sell out. The first open edition was launched on January 23rd, for 24 hours or up to 10,000 NFTs. 0.03 ETH/NFT. A 50/50 partnership between Daniel Allan and Kevin George.

  • Probably a Label, the brand behind Jeremy Fall (the famous American chef with 1 million followers on instagram), is launching a music NFT in collaboration with a virtual artist from the Azuki ecosystem.

  • Don't forget the Coopahtroopa newsletter:

⚽ Sport NFTs

  • Dubai hosted the world's first Metaverse horse racing event.

  • RealFevr and Liga Portugal have teamed up in a two-season partnership that will bring the Allianz Cup (Portuguese League Cup) to digital soil.

  • Courtside Ventures raises $100 million fund for sports, collectibles, wellness, and gaming. All the money will be invested over the next 18-24 months and Web3 is something they are looking at with interest. Naturally, the name of the fund is also 'Fund III'.

  • FISU (International University Sports Federation) creates digital trophies using Leverade. This means that in addition to the classic trophies, athletes will also receive NFTs!

🤖 AI art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's one, we used the same Midjourney and the following words: "drinking glass, blurred universe background, cinematic lightning, [romania flag]:3"

🤣 Meme of the week

So, who else is building their personal brand? GM Legacy

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