Best 10+ Themes for Small Businesses

Technology has transformed the modern world into a global village, greatly transforming commerce and creating vast opportunities for small businesses to thrive. Starting an online store is conducive for small businesses thanks to fewer operational costs than brick and mortar stores. One of the features that makes online stores stand and attract customers is the theme.

What Makes The Perfect Theme

As you search for an ideal theme for your eCommerce site, here are a few essential features for effectiveness.

  1. Loading Speed– Fast loading themes are best suited for online stores as they save time and cut bounce rates significantly.
  2. Simplicity-Complicated interfaces discourage clients from spending time on your website. Simple themes make the shopping experience easier and more likely to lead to conversions.
  3. Accept Extensions-With thousands of handy extensions available, it only makes sense to pick a theme that works well with these extensions.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness-Mobile phones are the most popular digital devices and woo commerce themes that don’t work on mobile phones could discourage potential clients from your site.
  5. Real-time Notifications-Your theme should be able to send you real-time notification of activities such as a new comment on products or new queries on your site to help you make timely responses.

Best 10 WooCommerce Themes for Small Businesses

Starting an online store is a satisfying moment for the modern entrepreneur and a significant milestone for your business, which should be crowned with a theme that gives your store an edge. As you unveil your e-commerce store, here are the best woocommerce themes to help you create the ultimate shopping experience for your clients.

Online Shop Pro

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Online Shop Pro is a reliable, WooCommerce ready, versatile, and fast loading theme for your e-commerce site needs. It features premium additions like multiple custom widgets, various sidebar layouts, countless google fonts, translation tools, and tons of color options for the background. Other notable features include advertisement widgets, advanced logos, and free updates.

Price: $55



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Storefront is ideal for WooCommerce projects thanks to the incorporation of useful extensions that make it customer-friendly. Apart from versatile color options for the background and multiple widgets, the theme is incredibly simple to customize for a unique shop front. Storefront is also a lightweight theme and it is perfect if you are keen on better google SERP ranking due to fast loading speeds.

Price: Free



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Astra is the ideal theme for online stores, owing to lightning speed loading and flexible customization options.  Its impressive uptake of over 200,000 websites is a great testament to its effectiveness. Modifying themes in Astra is relatively simple, requiring zero expertise and, therefore, beginner-friendly. There are dozens of pre-built designs to use for your e-commerce website, blogs, and portfolio. You can choose from twelve listed plugins for better functionality. 

Price: Free



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The Shopping Cart theme stands out for an independent management system that functions without installing additional plugins. Its ability to showcase multiple products in versatile themes makes it possible to create unique e-commerce sites for responsive shopping. Additionally, this theme is optimized to rank high in search engine results for quality targeting and better conversions. 

Price: $59



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Shoptimizer is a popular theme renowned for search engine optimization and fast loading speeds. With almost instant loading, better conversions are a guarantee. The theme has a callback feature, useful information like shipping costs and allows the inclusion of trust badges for fostering client confidence. Pre-designed templates loaded with high-quality images make set up simple. You can also reach more people with Shoptimizer, thanks to the translation tool. Besides, you can rest assured of excellent support services from the Shoptimizer team.

Price: $99


Extra Templates and Themes for Developers

Argon Design System PRO

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Argon Design System Pro is an advanced version of the free Argon Design System Version. This beautiful theme is the creation of Creative Tim, renowned for unique illustrations that cut across a wide selection of digital applications. Argon Pro features awesome features like multiple customized plugins, example pages, and easy to use components like comments, tables, and tabs. With this theme, you don’t have to create your pages from scratch.thanks to sections prepared in advance.

Price: starting from $99


Argon Design System

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Argon Design System is a theme by Creative Tim, providing sufficient features to create excellent e-commerce sites. It is versatile and compatible with multiple versions of popular browsers like firefox, internet explorer, opera, and google chrome. Apart from complex documentation, Argon features example pages for easy website set up.

Price: Free


Material Kit Pro

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Material Kit Pro is another theme by Creative Tim, renowned for premium quality bootstrap themes. It is an improvement of its more basic predecessor, Material Kit, which is a free version. The theme features ready-made templates to help create web pages seamlessly and multiple plugins for the desired appearance. Additionally, the theme has over 1000 components making the combination possibilities limitless. Multiple sections allow you to build perfect pages for your e-commerce site.

Price: starting from $79


Material Kit

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Material Kit is also one of Creative Tim’s themes, which leverages lightness for fast loading and navigation. This stylish theme is versatile, providing diverse user options from blogs to online start-ups. It features sufficient components for basic sites with typical features like landing pages, registration pages, and about us pages. Material Kit is simple to use, which is a plus for online commerce stores.

Price: Free


Final Thoughts

These are some of the best themes to get your e-commerce store up and running. Nowadays, it is much easier for entrepreneurs to establish online stores since most of these themes require zero coding expertise. With the right theme, you can easily attract customers and break-even in record time.