5 Ways SEO and Web Design go Together

Do you want to improve your google search rankings? Do you feel that while your website is user-friendly, pleasing to the eye, there is still no increase in the number of people visiting your page and potential customers browsing through? It must be because your SEO is not optimized, and your web design and SEO are not going hand in hand with each other. This should be the ideal case if you want to be placed higher up in the google search rankings.

Before we dive into the major topics, let us start with the basics and explain how SEO and web design can be used together to boost your traffic and your google search rankings for your business and website.


1. How exactly do SEO and web design work together, and why is it so important for your webpage?

Simple. Just as the name goes, it means designing and making SEO-friendly websites, which allows and literally follows the best SEO practices. A few examples of SEO practices can be like your website having a mobile-friendly user interface and descriptive URLs. The more SEO friendly your website is, the easier it is for search engines to rank your company’s websites in Google search results, leading to more traffic and improved rankings. You can even try some of these best SEO tools to boost rankings and design of your website. Coming to why exactly it is important to have an SEO web design website? SEO practices have a direct impact on your site’s design, and it is a positive impact. You need a fast page speed, and a mobile-friendly user interface for your website.

So, what are the five ways that SEO and web design go together?

2. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Most of the users that browse through sites use their smartphones and various other mobile devices. So, if your website is not accessible to them, you will be losing a lot of traffic that could come to your site and indirectly even boost your ranking. The number of people who browse on their phones is massive, mainly because it is much easier and it is a faster method than using your laptop or PC unless you were already browsing on your desktop. Also, designing your website to be mobile friendly is another factor that influences the search rankings. 


3. Optimize your website speed.

If you find that your website takes time to load, well, then there are high chances that it is because of your website’s design, aka your web design. A slow website speed means losing traffic and potential customers, and lower rankings on google search engines. You will have to optimize your images, eliminate unneeded plugins, and so forth. The average time your website should take to load is two seconds and not more. Fancy images may probably end up slowing your web page. This tends to have a higher bounce rate, and the slower your page is, the lower the conversions made through your page. Remember to keep your web design as clutter-free and clean as possible. A simple web design is a good way to go, as well. In short, the faster your page loads, the happier your User is, which means you should be happy as well as this means better search rankings, a higher rate of conversions, and so on. 

4. Design a User-friendly website.

If the User comes to your webpage, goes through it, and leaves it just because they could not find what they were looking for (probably because they could not understand the design and where to go on your website), it is called a bounce, or rather in layman terms, a lost sale. The easier your website design is, the more time your User will spend on your webpage. This results in more engagements, even more backlinks, and more data to feed the algorithm, and all of this happens or occurs because the design of your website is simple, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

5. Build and make quality content because that means great SEO.

The content you put on your website has to be easy, simple, and on point to the User who reads it. Google loves content that is concise because it attracts more users to your website. Who can resist quality content that is easy to understand and concise in format? Quality content ensures that your website search rankings are higher than before, and it even optimizes your web page. This also helps gain the User’s trust as if they find content that is precise, concise, and to the point. They know that your website is not the one to waste their time. This also increases your website’s business.

6. You have heard all about site maps and how they help to improve a website, but does your site map make sense to another person? 

Site maps are literally the maps to your site and how to get to where and see what. If the map is not understandable to another person, you are guaranteed to lose traffic and potential customers. To make it easier for the users, you can also use link structures that help them navigate through your website. Sitemaps also tend to help in improved rankings make your website look more appealing not only to the users that browse through your website but also to Google. 

These are a few tips that are extremely important and useful to improve your Google search rankings and get more traffic towards your website.