Practical Color Generators for Webmasters

You are a so-called „real man”. You wear black and white. And once you finish your work, you come back to your home. Wearing a dress or a pair of jeans, you don’t even bother to wonder which colors you are wearing now. Colors don’t mean that much to you until you decide that you want to have your own webpage. Suddenly you realize that pink doesn’t work well with yellow and black doesn’t always suit everything…

How do you deal with the situation in which your designer asks you what kind of colors you would like to use? Especially if you have no clue what to use to make sure that your visitors don’t close your website after 3 seconds due to colors that are too bright.

No worries, today we will show you a few color generators which will take care of colors for you, let’s start!

Paletton – Color Generator

Front page screenshot of Palleton Color Generator

Front page screenshot of Palleton Color Generator

Everything is extremely easy here. What you have to do is choose your baseline color, play around with round buttons and… voila! Palleton has just chosen the right colors for you, which will match perfectly to rose, magnolia or any other color which you have chosen as a baseline.

This color generator will give you a detailed color name, RGB characteristic as well as a report which will let you see how this combination will look on real webpages, animations or artworks.


Striped Backgrounds

Parallel straps seem to be passé? The first thing which comes to your mind when you see them is the flag of some strange countries? You will quickly change your mind once you will have tried Striped Backgrounds. The generator will automatically choose 5 color strips that will look great together and you will be able to use them as a background on your social media profiles.


Stripe Color Generator

Front page screenshot of Stripe Color Generator

Front page screenshot of Stripe Color Generator

But if for some reason, you don’t like parallel strips, you can always check the combination of oblique straps. Stripe Generator offers you the possibility to generate a really nice striped background, where you can define the size of the straps, the background color or the tint of the stripe. This color generator also offers you the possibility to use predefined combinations created by other users.


StripeMania – Color Generator

If for some reason you didn’t like Stripe Generator, you can try StripeMania. It has similar functionality as Stripe Color Generator.



BgPatterns proposes another interesting approach. Everything is based on repeating elements. BgPatterns let you choose a base symbol, which will be set in the background. It allows adjusting location, size, and opacity.


Backgroud Dotter

Front page screenshot of Backgroud Dotter

Front page screenshot of Backgroud Dotter

If you are fed up with straps already, you can always use Background Dotter. It starts creating the background in dots and adds a nice gradient towards the bottom. You can choose the background and the dot color yourself, as well as its size. Piece of cake!



If you don’t know how to spend 43 dollars and you would like to have a nice background, Repper is a good candidate. It can really do miracles. The only thing which you have to do is send your picture and Repper will create a kaleidoscope where our original image will get new shapes and forms. If you are a sceptic you should use the free demo version and check it yourself!