Most Common Errors In The Design Of Apps

The mobile apps market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with more and more mobile apps being added to the main distribution platforms such as Apple Store or Google Play. In most cases, the best way to differentiate your app from similar ones is by carrying out an innovative and original design. Likewise, if you avoid errors in the development that may generate discontent among users, you will achieve a higher number of downloads and a higher usage ratio. But what are those mistakes? And how can you avoid them? This post will show the main failures that are discussed in the design of mobile apps and how to avoid succumbing to them.


What are the main blunders in the design of apps?

You have to pay special attention to all phases of creation of your app and above all, to the design. The design phase of an app is very important since its appearance and end-user experience depend on it. An excellent design will be the distinguishing element of your product concerning your competitors. Here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid in the design of mobile apps:

  • Designing the app for just one platform. According to the latest statistics, 84% of mobile phone users are Android, while 17% belong to iOS. Therefore, designing an app for both platforms will allow you to access a greater number of users and gain more downloads. Also, by adapting the design of the application to each platform, its operation will be faster and more precise. Developing an app simultaneously for both operating systems is another common error in this area. Carrying out this practice is costly. So it is preferable to first establish the design for one operating system, and then for the other. A top mobile app development company will help you with a sleek app.
  • Not paying special attention to the workflow. Integrating animations or videos whose content is too heavy into an application will cause the workflow to be slow, and the elements of the mobile app will be slow to load. This feature will generate discontent among users, preferring to use other faster and more accurate apps whose performance are better. Therefore, you have to test and analyze the time it takes to start your app. It is also essential to create a proper “onboarding,” that is, an excellent presentation so that the first time a user accesses the app is impressed by the content or the design of it.
  • Unattractive graphic design. The more attractive the visual design is to the users, the higher the usage ratio of our app will be. You have to analyze your audience to determine their tastes and preferences. This way you will have the possibility of creating a personalized graphics line that is more striking. Aside from graphic design, another important element is typography. Most of the digital communication is carried out through text, so taking care of its preparation is of special interest. You must take into account not only the form of the typography but the structuring of the text and its easy compression by the users. The contrast of the colors of the application with that of the letters must be high so that any person can correctly visualize all the written content.
  • A complicated user interface (UI). Usability and user experience are two basic elements of any mobile application that seeks to reap some success. Its quality depends mostly on the UI and workflow. To achieve a friendly UI, you must take care of certain elements such as action buttons or the placement of information panels. By using buttons that are easy to visualize and use, you will make browsing much more comfortable. Adapting the interface design to each operating system will make users feel more comfortable with the operation of the app on their device. It is vitally important that users can correctly obtain information in the apps and navigate without its use posing a mental challenge. This way, you will increase the chances of success of our mobile application project. You should contact top app development companies to help you with iOS app with good UI.
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