Good and Bad Facts of Node JS Web App Development


Node JS or Node.js is a type of “server-side runtime environment” that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. It is an open-source program for creating networking applications. Over the years, Node JS has been used extensively by various leading corporate firms like eBay, Uber, Netflix, and Walmart. The smart applications created with Node JS have been observed to provide a powerful performance each and every time. This has really made Node JS a staple for OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows application development.   

However, just like any other application development program, Node JS also comes with its very own strengths and limitations. So before you go ahead and hire Node JS experts, it is important that you get yourself acquainted with them to make the best web development decisions about your project. 

Benefits of using Node JS for Web App Development

A powerful stack of technologies 

JavaScript is by far one of the most powerful programming languages used across the world. Therefore anyone choosing to use Node JS can naturally have full access to all features of JavaScript. This means excellent speed and performance of the applications, easily workable and reusable codes as well as smooth access to numerous free tools. This naturally helps to make sure that the web and software development companies in India and across the globe have a lot more flexibility when it comes to working on a project. The actual development work also becomes much less time-consuming. Developers having skills in working with frontend JavaScript can perform server-side development with only minimum effort. 

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It guarantees fast processing results

One of the best things about using Node JS is that it is very fast indeed. The engine meant for Node JS implementation was created originally for the Chrome browser. Chrome’s V8 was written in C++ and it was designed for compiling functions into machine mode that were written in JavaScript. It can manage all associated processes at extremely high speeds. Additionally, features like asynchronous request handling and non-blocking input/output can help Node JS to process requests quickly without any delay. It also comes with an event-based model that makes sure that synchronization happens quickly if the same language is used for both clients as well as the server-side. This can really come in handy while making real-time applications with event-based functionalities. The non-blocking, asynchronous and single-threaded nature of Node JS makes it very suitable for chats, online games, and video conferences.  

Rich ecosystem of Node JS

Node JS has a very rich ecosystem and includes more than 836000 libraries. It also has the default package manager called npm which ensures fast enhancement of the JavaScript tools. More than 97% of all modern web applications use npm modules and this makes Node JS ideal for extensive web application development requirements. 

Great scalability 

The applications that are developed with the help of Node JS are extremely scalable which ensures better performance and desired response of the applications. This is one of the main reasons as to why Node Js developers strongly recommend working with Node JS.    

Limitations of Node JS as a Web App Development program 

Performance issues during extensive computation tasks

Node JS experiences major difficulty when it comes to processing CPU bound tasks. The reason for this is that Node JS runs on JavaScript which makes use of a single thread for processing tasks rather quickly. This makes JavaScript most suitable for low CPU tasks. Due to this reason, Node JS is not exactly suitable for processing tasks that have heavy computational requirements. 

Callback problems 

Node JS typically relies a lot on callbacks because of its basic asynchronous nature. The callbacks become essential after every task present in the queue is completed. When there are numerous tasks present in the queue, it can eventually lead to a large number of callbacks. This can even negatively impact the quality and performance of coding. 

Poor quality of tools 

While it is true that Node.js is one of the best web application development tools out there, many of its tools are of poor and below quality. 

Choosing Node.js developers carefully is the first step you need to take while having top-grade web apps. Consult a company of Node JS experts in India when you want to have stellar quality web applications for your project.  




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