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Digital Divvy Inc.

Cloud Software Engineering. APIs, Functions, Microservices, Mobile, Web & Analytics at Scale.

Official Farhan Khan

My name is Farhan Khan. I love tech startups and the community. My passion is split between my love for amazing technology and my drive to help startup communities around the world grow and learn from each other.

Decisao Api

Like the car's engine that's hidden under the hood, the API is the engine of the decisao.net project and all the magic happens here.


Tickets.ai is a Facebook Messenger chatbot to assist in buying and selling your sporting event tickets.


Start a Global Advertising Campaign by teaming up with other Startups and get your Ads Worldwide for free.

Diamonds and Hoops

Fashion Jewelry will accentuate every mood and look with many hues,designs and textures.

Well In My Back Yard

WIMBY helps you find all of the 250,000+ abandoned oil & gas wells in Canada, color-coded for easy identification.

Sandra Flamank Photography

I want the photos I produce to be timeless images that will bring smiles forever after.

Quick Access

With Quick Access you instantly search SharePoint and all your favorite cloud providers.