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Free Full Stack Laravel Dashboard

Product description

Build complex admin panels faster, without the boilerplate work. We've partnered with UPDIVISION to give developers an easy to use frontend and backend solution. Go from prototyping to a fully-functional app using Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel.

Fully coded UI components. Powered by Laravel.

  • Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel comes out of the box with:
  • 70 carefully designed Bootstrap 5 UI components, from basic elements like buttons and dropdowns to tables. This includes colors, typography, icons and different states for each component.
  • 9 example pages to give you an idea of what you can build with Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel and to quickly set up the basic structure of your web project.
  • 2 customized plugins
  • fully-functional authentication system, register, password reset and user profile editing features built with Laravel

Use it for free in your personal or commercial projects

Are you working on a personal project or do you need to build something fast for a client presentation? No problem, because Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel is released under MIT License, which means you can use it both for personal and commercial projects for free. All you need to do is download it and start customizing it to your needs.

Detailed documentation for every component and feature

We`ve put together a detailed documentation covering everything you need to get started with Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel in no time. You can find license and installation details, as well as information on every UI component and a breakdown of Laravel powered functionality.

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Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel - Fully Coded and Responsive HTML5
Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel - Sass Files for Professional Front End Developers
Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel - Crafted with Bootstrap - the most popular Front End Framework
Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel - Fully Coded Laravel
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5 years ago
Handcrafted Elements
Customized Plugins
Example Pages
Community Support
Fully Responsive

Upgrade to PRO Version

Get more power with Argon Dashboard 2 Pro Laravel. It has a lot more features compared to the free version. We hope you will create awesome websites/templates with this product!

What is in Demo? What is in PRO Version?
Elements 100 200
Plugins 4 16
Examples Pages 16 25
Full Coded
SASS Files
Designer Files
Premium Support

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