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1 month ago


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1 month ago


hien_tran 28 days ago

Sketch file for the pro version?

  • owner

Hi, @hien_tran ! Thank you for using our product. I don't know to tell you exact the date when will be ready, but I think next period will be available. Regards, Dragos
28 days ago

petesavva 21 days ago

Hi, this is a great looking UI! I really like it. I do have a quick question if you don't mind: How can I have my navbar remain the same when the page is viewed in portrait mode on an ipad air. At this time it takes my (4) links and presents them vertically instead of horizontally. thanks in advance.

  • owner

Hi, @petesavva ! Thank you for using our product. Please, can you show us a screenshot of how it looks now? Regards, Dragos
21 days ago

  • downloaded
16 days ago

I love the template @dragosct

  • owner

Hi, @benjaminranklin ! Thank you for your kind words. Regards, Dragos
15 days ago

petesavva 14 days ago

Quick Question: I opened a page made with uikit in a uiwebview of an app i'm working for iOS. when i scroll, the navbar disappears until the scrolling stops. I don't get that behavior on any other browser. How can I eliminate that possibility?

  • owner

Hi, @petesavva ! Thank you for using our product. Please, can you give us your link to see what happened? Regards, Dragos
14 days ago

  • owner

Hi, @petesavva ! Can you tell us if you test it on Windows and on which browser? Regards, Dragos
11 days ago


All my testing is in safari and Chrome in macOS. I have managed to change a few things in my format to accomodate, however I am left with one small issue that I can't figure out. In portrait on an ipad, my menu collapses and the hamburger toggle appears. In landscape, the menu is full. Where can I change the value so I get a full menu in both portrait and landscape on ipads, but get the hamburger toggle on iphones? thank you guys. I REALLY LOVE this kit!
10 days ago


So I took some screenshots. Looks like there's a "dead spot" between 768 and 992 (rough numbers looking at the dimensions when dragging the window). In that range I get no toggle and no menu. Just the brand. That's what I'm trying to eliminate. I need either a toggle or a menu. Can you please help me? Thanks.
10 days ago

petesavva 13 days ago

Hi dragosct, i'd love to but every time i try to take a screen it shows the menu!!!! However if i scroll, it disappears during the scrolling (almost looks like the 500px default even though i removed the class).

petesavva 13 days ago

Also, if you don't mind one more q..... how can i change the body background of a tab div? Thanks.

  • owner

Hi, @petesavva ! I can't see the images that you give to us. Regard on how to change the body background of a tab div I can't figure out on what tab div did you refer? Regards, Dragos
8 days ago

  • downloaded
3 days ago

Amazing theme !!

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