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  • Components · 1000
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nikita.ribakovs 10 days ago

https://beachtennis.io I use iPhone 5SE and, for example, when I click About Us drop-down on navbar I cannot see the bottom links

chris.rowe8yz 9 days ago

I just purchased the Pro kit, and the documentation is not up to par. I expected much better from a premium purchased product. There are a bunch of components that you did not include in the docs. There is nothing about tables, cards, forms, there is next to nothing about sections, content areas, recompiling, customizing other than color, etc. I shouldn't have to dig through some huge html file that has a ton of code to find how to implement a component that isn't covered in the documentation. The reference should be complete to cover all components so you can quickly scan thorough the docs and find a component and its properties. Great kit and the components are awesome, but the documentation is pretty bad.


@chris.rowe8yz thank you for using our product and sorry for the late response. I perfectly understand your point of view. Sincerely, we received only good feedback till now about the product and the documentation. From what I've seen and talked with other devs, they use the components, sections, pages directly from the HTML. I noted this feedback and I will discuss it with my team to see how we can improve the documentation for the next updates and also for the next products. If you want to give us some hints of what would you like the documentation to look like, that will help us a lot. We are always looking to improve our products and we can do this only with the feedback like the one that you gave. So thank you for that. Best, Alex!
6 days ago


Hello, thank you for the response. I am quite happy with the components, it just gets frustrating trying to find out what classes to use for components without going digging through the huge html file, or using the inspector. It would really help to have documentation similar to here: http://element.eleme.io/ It gives you the code snippets, attributes, and options for every component in one easy browsable page. I have been trying to work with the Now UI Kit nav pills for 2 days and still can't quite get the size, layout, and look that I need because there is 0 docs on it. The only thing I can do is dig through the browser inspector in chrome and see how you implemented it on your component page. That still does not give me all the available classes, sizes, etc for that component. It is this way for several components making it a headache dealing with this UI kit.
6 days ago


Hi @chris.rowe8yz I understand. Our product is a wrapper of Bootstrap 4, that means all their componets will work with our product, for more details about the tabs/pills please check this: http://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/navs/#tabs also you have there all the elements with huge explanations. We didn't want to replicate that on our doc, as we wrote only about the elements that we customized. Maybe we should add to each part like buttons, a link to the official Bootstrap documentation for more examples. How do this sound? Best, Alex!
3 days ago

pruneanusergiu 8 days ago

Buna seara, Am cumparat acest produs si as avea nevoie de putin ajutor :) In speta la meniul restrans (ptr diceu-ri mici): nu reusesc sa modific culoarea textului atunci cand link-ul este activ (on hover am albastru iar textul ar trebuii sa fie alb) :( . Daca ati vrea sa ma indrumati ce linii de cod trebuie sa modific.

  • owner

Buna Seara, @pruneanusergiu ! Multumim ca folositi produsul nostru. Va rog frumos ati putea sa ne dati un link cu proiectul dumneavoastra pentru a putea vedea ce se intampla acolo? Multumesc, Dragos
8 days ago


Multumesc de raspunsul rapid @dragosct . Momentan nu am posibilitatea de a pune online proiectul dar daca imi raspunzi pe adresa mea de e-mail iti pot trimite cateva capturi si codul modificat. Multumesc de intelegere
8 days ago


Multumesc de raspunsul rapid @dragosct . Momentan nu am posibilitatea de a pune online proiectul dar daca imi raspunzi pe adresa mea de e-mail iti pot trimite cateva capturi si codul modificat. Multumesc de intelegere
8 days ago

michael.butlermih 7 days ago

Is this the "premium support" area?

  • owner

Hi, @michael.butlermih ! If you have some issues with the product please send us an email with all the details on: [email protected] Regards, Dragos
7 days ago

nikita.ribakovs 2 days ago

Hey, For some reason, data-live-search="true" is not working. It works only if to include href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.2.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> But then all other CSS crashes... That feature is quite important for the website i'm building. Could u suggest how it can be fixed? Link: https://beachtennis.io/tournament.php?title=RIGA_NEW_YEAR%27S_CUP&id=2 Under sign up for a tournament, there is choose a method select drop-down. If you to search, found results do not appear automatically

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