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  • downloaded
18 days ago

Hi, I am trying to use the maps. I add my API key and it for works from the HTML part. But, when I try to do something from the ts class like new google.maps... I get an error "ReferenceError: google is not defined". I also have "declare var google: any" at the top, but still looks like it does not connect the google classes. Please let me know if you have an idea what is the problem? Thank you.

  • owner

Hi @woykan ! Thank you for using our product! I've responded to GitHub. All the best, Ciprian
17 days ago

  • downloaded
18 days ago


  • owner

Hi, @himanshuoshimib !
17 days ago

miguelilva 18 days ago

É top, só o sidebar bar que é bugado

  • owner

Oi @miguelilva . Obrigado por usar nosso produto. Você pode abrir um problema no github ( e me dar mais informações sobre o erro?
17 days ago

peterjukickhl 6 days ago

Hi. First of all i rely like your admin design. I have just one question for you. How do i set sidebar menu to mobile always. If i change function isMobileMenu() to always return true. Nothing changes. Please help thanks

  • owner

Hi, @peterjukickhl ! Thank you for using our product! You need to change the scss files. All the best, Ciprian
2 days ago


@chelaru_ciprian can you tell me where ?
2 days ago

  • downloaded
1 hour ago

Works with Angular 4?

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