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We found that sometimes when we work at different websites, we want to show a lot of information in a small container. So...how can we keep a presentation card usable and beautiful when you have too much information? With the modern CSS3 3D transitions, we can make the web even more interesting.

Did you know that we can have more than 1 dimension on the web pages? If not, this is a very good starting point for you to understand how the CSS3 3D transitions are working. Since this effect resembles the action of flipping a card, it surprises the user in a nice way, while keeping the experience natural.

For this item we used Bootstrap for the 12-col grid. It helps us to keep the rotating cards responsive for any devices.

We created the design for the both faces of the card and a container-card that will let the card perform the 3D rotating action.

You can use this rotating CSS card for presentations of your team or for showing more information about the users from your platform.  We're sure you can find many other use cases for it and we would like to see them all! Just add a link in the comments and we'll let you know what we think.

So rock your project with some awesome new effects. The users will be pleasantly surprised by them, for sure!

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Rotating CSS Card - Fully Coded and Responsive HTML5
Rotating CSS Card - Crafted with Bootstrap - the most popular Front End Framework
8 years ago
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