Vue Black Dashboard Pro

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Vue Black Dashboard Pro

Premium Bootstrap 4 Vuejs Admin Template
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6 months Updates
Release: 4 months ago
Update: 2 months ago

200 Handcrafted Components

17 Customized Plugins

28 Example Pages

Bootstrap Based


Fully Responsive

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What is in Demo?
  • Components · 16
  • Plugins · 3
  • Examples Pages · 7
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What is in PRO Version?
  • Components · 200
  • Plugins · 17
  • Example Pages · 28
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
  • + Sketch Files
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duncanza5 1 month ago

I really want to love this template as it looks beautiful, but I'm seeing some fairly major layout issues in Safari - eg: Works beautifully in Chrome but I can't risk these kind of issues for some of my users. Any plans to fix?

  • owner

Thanks for the feedback @duncanza5 We'll try to fix this in the next update. Most likely is because of the RTL support
1 month ago

  • downloaded
1 month ago

I bought this version and didn't see fixedplugin.vue in the source code.

  • owner

Hello, that's true as we use fixedPlugin only for demo purposes. Since many people actually requested it for this exact template, we'll try to add it in the next update in the download archive. Until then you could open a support ticket here and I will send you the code for it
1 month ago

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hi I'm David. I really don't get it why safari show like below(the menu and buttons are reversed) . Chrome is ok in localhost. Actually, I'm not doing anything. just download and npm install. that's it And then it shows like below But, if I deploy to firebase hosting (us region) . it's ok to safari browser. Did you have any experience with this issue? I'm in Korea

  • downloaded
3 days ago

Beautiful, I look forward to patches for whatever small issues arise. Wonderful job.

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