NFTs Weekly News #22 - Entertainment: Gucci partnership with Yuga Labs

The world of NFTs continues to expand and evolve at a rapid pace, with brands, celebrities, and individuals alike exploring the potential of this new technology. Last week, Gucci announced a multi-year partnership with Yuga Labs and Microsoft Edge integrated a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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🗽Brands/Celebrities - Microsoft Edge, PlayMining, Sony, Magic Johnson, Titleist;
🎵 Music NFTs - M.Verse, Steve Aoki, Spinamp Rewards;
⚽Sports NFTs - Chiliz, WEB3FC;
🤖AI Art - Images through the eyes of an AI, as dictated by Maria;
🤣Meme of the week - bd.

🗽 Brands / Celebrities

  • Gucci revives the Web3 flame with the announcement of a partnership with Yuga Labs and integrations into Metaverse. According to Yuga, we're talking about a "multi-year partnership exploring the intersection of fashion and entertainment in the Metaverse," and the "first chapter" of the partnership begins this week. Gucci has previously collaborated with 10KTF, a Web3 brand that was bought by Yuga last year. It seems that big brands in both web2 and web3 often play chess behind private keys. From time to time, we get told about it too!
gucci nft
  • Microsoft Edge is joining the NFT movement with an integrated wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, according to screenshots posted on Twitter by an insider under the pseudonym "Albacore". The company has yet to make an official comment, but it appears to be preparing to enter Web3 with a bang.

  • PlayMining brings NFTs into games, offering companies a new method of advertising through in-game product placement. The company expects to attract investors and become a market leader.

  • Sony has filed a patent application for the use, transfer and sale of NFTs. The patent indicates that the company intends to use blockchain technology in its video games and consoles, exploring the potential for NFTs to be transferred between gaming platforms.

  • In the world of basketball players, Magic Johnson needs no introduction as an NBA legend. He has decided to expand his career into the web3 sector by filing a trademark application for the terms "Magic Johnson's Neighborhood" and "Building. Magic. Together." Magic Johnson plans to launch an online marketplace for virtual goods authenticated by NFTs.

  • Popular golf equipment brand, Titleist, filed trademark applications related to NFTs and Metaverse on March 14, 2023. According to the application, Titleist intends to launch virtual goods authenticated by NFTs.

🎵 Music NFTs

  • The M.Verse platform launches Music NFTs with access to events in the Metaverse. It will launch a collection of Music NFTs celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop and includes artists such as Havoc of Mobb Deep, Saigon and producer Jahlil Beats. NFT holders will have exclusive access to a series of events in the Metaverse, including live concerts and recording sessions.

  • Two-time Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki is giving fans and AOK1VERSE owners exclusive access to his new track "Wild". The track can be previewed on the decentralized music streaming platform, Audius. AOK1VERSE owners will have exclusive access to the track 48 hours before the public release.

  • Spinamp Rewards is a new app that will reward NFT content creators. It will collect and direct rewards received by curators when users mint NFTs from shared links. Spinamp Rewards currently supports curator rewards for, OurZORA and, and LensProtocol will be available soon.

⚽ Sport NFTs

  • Chiliz has announced a long-term partnership with Common Goal, a philanthropic movement that uses football to address social challenges. The two companies will work together to bring greater transparency and better management to the charity sector, as well as to develop web3 communities.

  • Does Web3FC mean anything to you? It's an entity that organizes football tournaments globally as part of major NFT/Web3 events. The next one is at NFT NYC! And there are 16 teams registered, supporters include OpenSea, Americana, Pudgy Penguins or Nouns. Maybe in a few years, it will get a license from FIFA. Or FIFA from them?

🤖 AI Art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today's, Maria Raluca Stănescu used Midjourney and the following words: "👁🧠 --s 750 --q 2 --v 5". That's right, it doesn't seem like words, but if you know how to talk to it, the AI "listens"!

🤣 Meme of the week

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