Must Try SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings in 2018

There are more than 1.2 billion websites which makes difficult to drive ample amount of traffic from search engines. You need a particular set of SEO tools to generate good traffic and also know your competitors rank in top search engines. Lot of activities, plans, and new opportunities needs to be managed for that useful SEO tools are necessary.

But the question is which SEO tools are used for what purpose?

There are tons of SEO tools available on Google, but being an SEO consultant, you need to understand the usefulness of each SEO tool. So, in this post, I’ll talk about some of the best SEO tools that you need to understand to manage different activities.

Most Powerful SEO Tools for Improve Ranking in 2018

1. Ahrefs

It is used for Research and Analysis and available in both Free trial + Premium version.


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Out of all the available tools, Ahrefs is useful to improve search rankings. It provides five different graphs that help you track the progress of SEO campaign.

  • They have Site Explorer, which is the best backlink analyzer. It also has other features like search volume, keyword ranking and identifying difficulty, etc.
  • They have keyword research tool that allows the user to know statistics of any region, difficulty level, position history and related keywords.
  • They also have Content Explorer which helps a user to get most precise content related to any topic.

It also allows you to add tags to keywords and use them to filter keywords, which makes easy to manage multiple campaigns.

2. SEMRush

It is used for Keyword & Competitor Research and available in both free trial + premium version


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SEMRush has gained popularity over the past few years. The most important thing is, SEMRush has more than 20 ways for competitor research. Also known as stealth tactics. It is significantly used for paid traffic and PPC.

SEMRush is the must-have tool because its keyword difficulty tool assigns ranks to keywords based on their expected difficulty. It also helps you to find long-tail keywords searching various database(Local and international) in Google and Bing versions.

It gives you the best understanding of which backlinks are performing, content that generates high traffic and best keywords.

3. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is an excellent tool for outreach. This tool contributes to SEO by link building which involves excellent outreach.


This automated tool is 10 times more powerful in simplifying your outreach effort than manual effort. It offers you 15 days free trial to get acquainted with the essential features.

Its email sequence feature allows you to execute follow-up emails campaigns without any human intervention. When you enter few keywords relevant to your blog, pitch box comes up with a list of best websites to outreach and allows you to connect with your prospects.

It allows you to optimize your outreach strategy by supporting multiple users whether its management, client or subordinate team, it doesn’t matter. It has other tools like link monitoring and also compatible with other devices like Moz, Majestic, and SEMRush.

4. Slerpee

Slerpee is a tool used to check how your website appears in SERP results.


Image Credit – Slerpee

This is an essential tool to know how your website looks like on Google and how many people significant clicked or visited your website, this result ultimately depends on your search rankings. If your website rank is higher, likely to have good a user-click ratio and if not; will lead to poor results.

This tool also provides some other facilities like You can improve your meta description, modification to tile and meta tags and also preview before making it live on SERP.

5. BeamUsUp

BeamUSUp tool is used to identify standard SEO errors.


Image Credit – Betanews

Before the Google Crawls and gives you errors in your hand, this tool makes it easy to fetch SEO errors from the crawl reports generated. You can use the report in various ways, either export to Google drive or use in MS Excel.

The Report also shows duplicate pages if it is there so that you can remove them quickly. This tool is available freely to generate error reports and makes it easy for you to optimize your website.

6. SEOchat Schema Generators

This tool is efficient to make your website look different from your competitors. It improves your overall SERP rankings.

SEOchat Schema Generators

It generates a markup code, which is search friendly to add in website HTML.

There are several other tools used are:

  • Article code generator
  • Review rich snippet code generator
  • Event rich snippet code generator
  • People rich snippet code generator

7. LSI Keyword Generator

LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing, it is a procedure to evaluate the quality of webpage based on semantic keywords used in the content.

LSI Keyword Graph Generator

It provides you with the list of LSI keywords which you can use in your website content to boost ranking.

8. XML-Sitemaps

XML-Sitemaps are used to navigate through your website quickly. If not done correctly, may cause a problem in website structure.

XML-Sitemap Generator

This tool is used to formulate your website navigation structure, create proper indexing with XML sitemap so that your website can be easily visible in search engine.

It’s an easy tool available in both free and paid version to get your sitemap ready immediately.

9. SEOBook Robot.txt Generator

Robot.txt files are guided to search engine; this file contains all the details which guides search engine to crawl a page and save on search results. To stop search engine to crawl duplicate pages, you need to mention in the robot.txt file.

SEOBook Robot.txt Generator

To generate a hassle-free robot.txt file, use SEOBook’s robot.txt file generator.

You can easily get your file ready without any errors and mention access level as disallow all robots or allow all robots to simplify your website crawling.

10. Authority Labs

This tool is used for rank tracking and SERP monitoring. It allows you to track results based on demographics( country or city). It supports several features like rank positions, search volume, competitor search rankings or best keywords to understand and optimize your website.

Authority Lab Example

Image Credit – Authoritylabs

Its paid version offers feature-rich options like mobile rank tracking and supports weekly as well as monthly reports.

11. Google Page Speed Insights

Your website page loading speed is one of the first things the user face and you can make your website load faster if you have the correct tool. Google Page Speed Insight is the best tool to help you with that.

Google Page Speed Insight

  • It helps in optimizing images and leverage browser caching.
  • This tool gives you optimization suggestion like Reduce server response time, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.
  • It provides you result for both mobile and desktop website.


Believe it or not, SEO will continue to spread its wings in coming future. It is important for an online business, but sooner it will become an integral part of your business- being a major source for increasing online conversion ratio.

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