New Tools For Web Developers - AppSeed & Creative Tim Partnership

We are very excited to announce that we decided to join AppSeed and starting with Apr.2020 a common set of tools for web developers generated by the AppSeed platform on top of our free and premium UI Kits are available in AppSeed marketplace.

creative tim-appseed partnership

If you did not know, AppSeed uses automation tools to generate UI-ready web apps using only flat HTML as input, and this technology provides value-added for two large categories:

  • Developers — will code faster their products using UI-Ready coded web apps, already enhanced with basic modules like authentication, ORM, database, all bundled in a code-base prototyped by experts that follow the best practices.
  • Web Agencies — diversify the product portfolio without investments or logistic costs. AppSeed will provide the migrations of flat HTML themes for free if the generated products are listed in the proprietary marketplace or for a fee if the company decides to sell the generated products on other funnels.

For more information regarding the AppSeed App Generator, you can check out this article.

New tools for Web Developers

The partnership between Creative Tim and AppSeed  is promoted with two special offers:


The popular Now UI Dashboard PRO template designed by Creative Tim is now available as a coded UI-ready admin dashboard in Flask Framework. The app is generated with a common set of basic features like authentication, ORM, SQLite/PostgreSQL database and deployment script for Docker, Heroku and standalone Gunicorn/Nginx configuration — LIVE Support via Discord included.

Flask Admin NowUI PRO
Flask Admin NowUI PRO — UI-ready web app, designed by Creative-Tim, Coded by AppSeed.

This bundle includes three coded web apps, generated on top of three beautiful layouts: Black DesignMaterial PRO, and Argon Dashboard PRO. The apps are generated on top of an identical code-base, already presented in the previous paragraph.

3*PRO Flask Dashboards

3*PRO Flask Dashboards — UI-ready web app, designed by Creative-Tim, Coded by AppSeed.

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