How to Write Good Instagram Captions For Your Business?

The Internet is full of fun and games until you are writing a caption on one of your business posts on Instagram. It is hard writing captions that are interesting and get you more audience or even make you a star because at times it is the caption that makes the post popular instead of a picture. You need to be very careful running a business through Instagram because Instagram captions can literally build or smash your brand’s image. We all have witnessed examples where a wrong caption created an embarrassing and awkward situation for the brand, and many people stopped following it because of the outrage it caused. However, there is no strict guideline on how to write on Instagram, but it requires a lot of skill to post that makes you popular without causing any harm on the way. You may have a really amazing picture but then you start thinking of whether you should post it with literal caption or be funny about it, insert right emojis, or stay indirect, post a saying, quote or mention, someone, think of the hash tags – these are all the questions boggling your mind when you are writing a caption on the Instagram.  

In order to create amazing captions here’s a quick guide on how to write Instagram captions:

Who are you looking for?
Instagram writing is tricky especially when you are posting on your business account. No matter how much you think about the caption or how many drafts you make, if you do not know your target audience, you may not be able to hit the mark. And with over 1 billion followers, you may not want to post something that does not attract a million users. So, the first step of how to write on Instagram is to know your audience well enough to post something that will catch your brand’s attention. You cannot sell cosmetics to girls by posting a boring text or cannot pull tech-savvy audience without being creative. You need to have the right spark to pull it through. Know your target market’s needs and expectations and attend to them via your posts, help them achieve their goals through your product.


Talk to them

After you have sorted out your audience, you need to engage them, which happen to be the most successful rule of Instagram writing. Just suppose that is your business. For such services, adding a call to action in your texts will ensure that your audiences engage with you instead of just liking your post. Dare them by asking to write an essay by testing your product, urging to share their experience with you. Reward them, so they play an active role in your timeline. Also, do not forget to announce limited editions as it rushes them into buying immediately. Try and inspire your target with the caption or ask them a relevant question or inquire what they would do if they were in a situation, advice on a certain aspect or ask them for one, and always encourage them to share their experience with you. You will get to know them better through interactive posts, finding out exactly how to make your product more demanding fulfilling their needs.



Be expressive
Not just in terms of words, be expressive by using fun and emojis. Using emoticons is an essential lesson of how to write Instagram captions. It has been observed that people or brands that do not use emojis are thought to be boring. Your Instagram writing may be a mix of words and symbols; you can also replace a word and insert an emoji instead.


Do not forget to amuse
You may have created your specific brand persona through your Instagram writing, but it will not harm you to be a little spontaneous sometimes. This is another important aspect of how to write Instagram captions, cracking a light joke about a joyful situation will draw major traffic to your profile. Additionally, most people remember your brand name if you post something funny and are more likely to share that than your routine business pictures.


Enlighten them
Take National Geographic for instance; they have more than 104Million followers, and all of them are there for information, accurate and factual information. Also, posting information will let your audience know how in-depth you have dived-in for them. If you are selling a shoe, maybe post something about the texture, its qualities, what procedures it goes through to meet the criteria set up by your company. This will also make your market value your products if you do not have any product related information post information that should interest them and for this, you will have to go back to our heading number one.


Give and take
There are people on Instagram that inspire other people, encouraging them to do things are want to but are afraid to. Mention people by adding @theirname, inspire even if you are a big brand and they are yet to achieve their first milestone. When people recognize you as an inspiring force, they too will start mentioning you in their posts. This way both parties will benefit, even some of the biggest brands do it.



Following the above tips on how to write on Instagram will help you not only help Instagram writing but will also draw traffic to your posts. Know more about your followers; show as much interest in them as you want from them. Keep using mentions, hashtags, emojis and you will be able to create your required brand persona in no time. Tell your story so that more people can relate to it and your post will stand out on its own.


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Sandra Larson is an amazing freelance writer and lead content creator. She excels in copywriting with expertise in food, digital marketing, and travel. Sandra wants to share her huge passion for new startups and want to spread awareness with those interested in entrepreneurship.

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