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We EOYKOS, the Group of Six.

Emiel Koomen UI/UX Designer

I’m a designer from Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. I’ve worked for online and offline projects, magazines, books, branding, websites, apps.

Craft Bicycle

We are a small company who want to change the way you think about riding a bike, by giving you the best quality products. 

Sanctity Studios

Sanctity Studios is a professional recording studio located in north east Mesa, Arizona.

Bean & Bear Media

Bean & Bear Media is a full-service media and marketing agency. 


Numergent is a consultancy run by Ricardo J. Méndez.

Miltton Lab

We’re born digital, born global and born design.

Transcendent Tunes

Transcendent Tunes is the voice of genre agnostic electronic music producers who seek a connection to the Divine.


As Web As Possible.

Planet Text

High manufacturing art and attention to detail.