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Material Dashboard Pro

Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
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Update: 26 days ago

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  • downloaded
16 days ago

Hi. Love the dashboard so far, but now that I'm getting to implementing DataTables, I notice the click events don't work (both on my side and your demo). The code implies there's events for all buttons, though they don't seem to get called. Could you please advise on a fix? Many thanks.

  • owner

Hello @adamaraqui , thank you for using our products and for your feedback, I just sent you an email with the details. Best, Stefan
11 days ago

  • downloaded
12 days ago

Hi, Can anybody suggest how to integrate material icons for the offline app?

  • owner

Hello @robinsonsilvester , thank you for using our products, you have to download them locally from the following link: and I will ask you to follow the steps for integrating into your project. Best, Stefan
11 days ago

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